Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Mondays are days of realization, but when you wake up with the sweet smell of despair and regret you get from your weekend activities you know it's Tuesday. I hope you all had a fantabulous Labor Day full of cookouts and excessive consumption, but today we gotta get back in the swing of things. There truly is no better way than to destroy a one-sheet dedicated to my favorite kind of film. This week's edition of Terrible Poster Tuesday is dedicated to a film that almost promises to be just as terrible. That's right, Jennifer's Body was already done for this, so what left to rip on (that will boost my traffic ;]) than to tear apart the poster for Soroity Row?

Let's start with the obvious, the photobooth strip. The fine folks at Bloody-Disgusting (where I janked this image from btw) seem to like this. However, I am not a lemming and I HATE this. I get that they're trying to be all young and junk but seriously...this is stupid. Maybe if it was like...CONEY ISLAND MASSACRE or LATE NIGHT BOREDOM AT K-MART SLAUGHTER I just might believe the idea of a photobooth strip making sense for this film, but it doesn't. It's about a sorority. Use a sorority composite shot or something since those houses are PLASTERED with those things, but a photobooth strip?! Come on now, and if you're going to do the photobooth strip, don't use images we've seen from the trailer. It loses its touch. The random rips are irritating too. I know its to make it look "edgy" or frightening, but do you know how hard it would be to rip the mouth out of a photo without bending the whole thing? Not believeable. TRY AGAIN.

I hate the placement of the title and the font color. It almost looks like they made this and went "Oh crap...we forgot to put a title on it". It looks very thrown on and I really don't like it. Not to mention, I know they used red because it's the color of blood, but you can't even tell what image they're trying to make in the X shape. The red is really hard on the eyes and doesn't blend in with the rest of the poster.

My final piece on this poster, is that random splattered on coffee look that all the posters are going with these days. I don't understand it. It looks dirty but not in the gritty scary way. It's in the "photoshop for dummies" look. It's terrible. I mean I am in a hurry sometimes and spill shit on my homework, but I never try to spill things on it to make it look artistic. If you're going for a blood spattered look, trying using a color that both Crayola and Starbucks would fight over naming.

2 comment(s):

B-Sol said...

Yeah, the whole photobooth strip gimmick makes zero sense...

Anonymous said...

Three of the girls look like they may have peed their pants...from incontinence. Hardly frightened looking chicks :/
If they're not scared, I'm preety certain I wont be scared.

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