Friday, September 4, 2009

PATHOGEN: A 12 Year Old's Zombie Movie

So this twelve year old girl named Emily Hagins made a zombie film that asks the question "Do You Know What Happens When You Drink The Water?" Uh, I'm buying this. She's not even old enough to buy a bra with a wire in it, and she's making a zombie movie. Not only did she write the screenplay and direct the film, she did the camera work, co-produced, and edited the flick. Uh, I'm adopting her. The film is called Pathogen and you know something, it looks pretty good. Hey Soap Magic...I think I've found a match for you...

Anyways, so this movie has to be good because someone made a documentary about her.
They documented her journey making her own zombie movie at the age of 12 and the documentary has been winning some awards.

For the documentary info:

Get your copy of Pathogen :

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Anonymous said...

Whoa. This looks surprisingly good. I've seen some DIY films fro some folks that could take a cue from the above.

Have you heard of Colin It's a zombie film made for less than $75!! You could check your sof cushions for a year and make a film with twice the budget. Some theaters in the UK are screening it.

XanxiuZ said...

Oh my God, this depresses me so much. She's 12 and has already made a damn movie?! At the age of 12, I was still occasionally shoving random things up my nose just because.

Seriously, this does look rather good, considering. Camera work is decent, nice shots and tight editing. Makes me realize that I need to get off my ass and actually shot my own movie.

Corey said...

both Pathogen and Zombie Girl are excellent. we did a short interview with Emily a few months ago. she just finished her second film (she's 15 now, i believe) and is starting her third.

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