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Thanks to the announcement that Danielle Harris has been cast as "they're coming to get you" Barbara in the prequel to Night of the Living Dead, it's gotten me thinking as to what films I wish went a little more in depth with their story lines. I puss'd out and did it alphabetized so its in no ranking system :) Enjoy.

Amityville Horror: Without the DeFeo murders, there never would have been a haunting in the Amityville house. On November 13, 1974, police discovered six members of the DeFeo family -- father, mother and four of their five children -- shot and killed execution style at 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville, New York. However after 9 films we still haven't been shown what happened in the house before the Lutz family arrived. As horrifying as it would be to see a man lose his mind and kill his entire family, it would be nice to know who is behind the Amityville Horror.
Carrie: Carrie White's telekinetic powers are present throughout her life, usually evident in childhood incidents. She had closed a window and had dangled her own bottle above her crib when she was a baby. When she was three years old, she witnessed her teenage next-door neighbor sunbathing and asked her mother about the girl's breasts. Her mother scolded and physically abused Carrie for asking about such a matter. While she was inside her house, Carrie brought forth a hail of ice that smashed the bungalow. The chunks of ice were followed by a shower of rocks that plummeted onto the property, damaging it heavily while a table was almost sent toppling through the window. WHY HAVEN'T WE SEEN THIS?! (made for TV movie doesn't count)
Child's Play: On November 9th, 1988, mass murderer and voodoist Charles Lee Ray, the notorious "Lakeshore Strangler", is being chased by the police. After being chased into a toy store and knowing he's about to croak, he transfers his soul into a Good Guy doll and promises revenge. We all know what happens afterwards, but what about these Lakeshore murders? I'd pay to watch Brad Dourif strangle some folks!

Evil Dead: Everyone knows that I'm a huge Bruce Campbell fangirl, but I think that the ED series would really benefit from a Prequel. As much as I enjoy hearing the playback from the Professor discussing how his wife turned into the zombie/demon/deadite I think it would be even better to see it. How did the book end up there? Where did he go?

Friday the 13th: In FVJ, a bit of a prequel was BARELY skimmed upon when it comes to the upbringing of Jason Voorhees. Jason has been to NY, other cabins, and even space...but we still haven't seen his upbringing! Instead of cranking out the 27th film, why don't we see a tortured childhood to let us into the mind of Jason and even Pamela Voorhees? My favorite part of Zombieween is the prequel nature, why not do the same with the hockey masked one?
The Haunting: The film is based off of a book which speaks of the supposed haunted "Hill House" however you can't have ghosts without people who have died and become ghosts. While the film concentrates on people investigating the haunting, I want to see what happened to these people that was so horrible, they've become such hostile spirits.

House of Wax: Why did we never see Vincent Price kill a ton of people and glaze them over with wax? Honestly. It better be in 3-D though...and no Paris Hilton allowed.

House of 1000 Corpses: There were WAY too many bodies that weren't accounted for when it comes to the Firefly family. I want to watch Tiny and Baby grow up with serial torture killer parents. I want to know how the HELL they made that insane maze and have their crypts and caves full of insane stuff. Who made it? How'd it get there?

IT: Pennywise's side of the story would absolutely epic, but I'd love to see him axe of raincoat boy. Pennywise without makeup even? Lets give Tim Curry some work!

Let the Right One In: After finishing the novel and seeing how insane the relationship between Eli and Håkan really is, it would be fabulous to see it on screen. It would be terrifying, sensual, adorable, and disturbing all at the same time. Eli is 200 years old, she probably has enough relationships for a series of prequels. Eli gives Håkan money for killing, though Håkan makes it clear he would do it for nothing if Eli allowed them to be physically didn't get that from the first film didja?! I wanna see their story.

A Nightmare on Elm Street: Another one of the film series that hasn't yet gotten a preqel but a vast amount of horrible follow ups. I'm seriously sick and tired of that monologue by the furnace where Mrs. Glug-glug Thompson busts out the razor glove and talks about how its completely normal that she killed Fred Kruegar for being a child murderer/rapist. JUST SHOW ME THE DAMN FIRE.

Nosferatu: How did Count Orlock come to be a vampire? What did he do to stay in fresh blood before targeting the village of Bremen. And why are the rats so drawn to him in the first place? A prequel could answer all these questions--plus, since Nosferatu is basically a Dracula adaptation, it could even be an unofficial Dracula prequel as well.

Saw: Alright John, I get it. People don't appreciate their lives, you're dying/dead. Your wife is gone, but why can't they friggen develop your character?! In the comic book, which is set prior to the events of the first movie. It filled in some of John's history, showing him as a toy designer at Standard Engineering Ltd. Saw: Rebirth also reveals John's discovery that he had terminal cancer and outlined how his subsequent failed suicide attempt impacted his train of thought. His relationships with Lawrence, Zep, Paul, Amanda, and Mark were explored, along with his transformation into Jigsaw. Save us another terrible sequel, and give us the backstory dood.

The Shining: Who isn't curious to see just how Delbert Grady "corrected" his wife and daughters? A Shining prequel could finally reveal the whole story of the Overlook's original caretaker. If you thought those twins were creepy as hell, imagine an entire movie with them all over it?Sleepaway Camp: So we know how Peter got to his crazy aunt's and we know what happened afterwards, but what about those lost years? I am damn curious to find out how the hell she transformed a little boy into a relatively attractive girl with headlight eyes.

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B-Sol said...

It's really amazing how many horror flicks have potentially fascinating backstories that have never been fully explored. I'd pay good money in particular to see the ones for Evil, F13, LTROI, Shining and NOES!

Mike Snoonian said...

I think Amityville 2 serves as a kinda-sorta prequel to Amityville, except thet change the name of the family that was in there before the Lutz' for legal reasons.

I would've loved to have seen a BWP prequel set in colonial times.

As always, great post.

brett g @ said...

Freddy's Dead pretty much shows all you need to know of Freddy's story. Plus, there's also "No More Mr. Nice Guy," not that it's really all that great. Between the two though, you get all the essentials--like the fact that Freddy showed up to his court hearing wearing his normal garb. Dude dresses up for no one, apparently.

Anonymous said...

I gotta agree with most of your selection here, with an exception to The Shining. What makes that one work is its mysterious past, honestly, would you be afraid of it if you knew that the twins were always like that, or if you knew that Mr Grady is racist? Well, that's the only one I disagree with, also, Brett does have a point about Freddy's Dead, as it had 'Mr. Non-Nice-Guy' Alice Cooper as Freddy's father, so, enough said! Great article though!

Pax Romano said...

Maybe the Shining prequel could be a sitcom, "Meet the Grady's!" or, dare I wish it? - "The Grady Bunch!"

The Curious Cat said...

it is great that you ask all these questions but now i am really curious too!! Argh! Well...we'll just have to make up the stories ourselves perhaps?! Anyone got enough money to buy a film studio?! xxx

Leah said...

BJ: It looks like you'll get your wish re: Elm Street and watching Freddy burn. Have you watched the new trailer?

RayRay said...

Great list, BJ-C. One that comes to mind, as I am a total fanboy, is The Thing. There are rumors out there that they are doing a rpequel to show how things went south [pun intended] after the Norwegians found the spacecraft and dug out the creature.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see a LTROI prequel, but only if Lindqvist writes it first.

One I would really love to see is a prequel to The Legend of Hell House (1973). It's one of my favorite haunted house pictures (and book) & although we get a brief overview of the history of Hell House (including Fischer's first encounter with the house), I think seeing it would be fun.

Anonymous said...

Saw itself may not be a prequel, but in watching the following four (and soon five!), you're given more and more of the scoop as to why John ended up pursuing the so-crazy-it's-almost-inspirational lifestyle he did. As much as it would make it easier, I don't think the franchise will ever make a prequel - it has too much fun messing with time in the sequels!

Hmm, new project perhaps: cutting the different timeframes of Saw and piecing them back together in order...eek, someone's gotta YouTube that asap.

InvisigothOo said...

Long time lurker, first time commenter...
I love your thinking, the one I would most like to see is a prequel to Sleepaway Camp (Favorite slasher film EVER!) followed by NOES, but only if Robert Englund agreed to play Freddy.
Ps. The Grady girls in the Shining aren't twins, they are 3 years apart in age if I remember right, but I still think that they are some of the creepiest siblings to ever grace the silver screen. *shudders*

Redgong said...

Brilliant post! What a great idea. I know it's more sci-fi than horror, but I would kill for a modern prequel of A Clockwork Orange. Catch Alex and the crew a couple years earlier, still up to the same dirty tricks, but in primary school. Evil tween hooligans tearing hell through a futuristic England, sigh...

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