Friday, September 4, 2009



ps; that screen cap shows me doing my professional llama impersonation.

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B-Sol said...

I really hate it, but I don't see LTROI winning anything, because unfortunately the audience of SpikeTV can I put this delicately...Not really the art house crowd...Know what I mean? It's a shame. But these are lowest common denominator awards, so expect Twilight and Transformers to rock the house. It will be a sad night...

shelbylynn said...

If Bruce Campbell doesn't win, I might lose all hope. Just sayin.

Corey said...

votes = recorded. i agree 'ltroi' should win all categories its nominated for... except maybe most memorable amputation. i gotta go with 'splinter' on that one.

Anonymous said...

I voted for LTROI each time it was listed & it deserved each one. It might win the Best Foreign Film, but I don't think we'll get lucky enough for it to grab any other.

Are you sure this isn't the Teen Choice Awards in disguise?

And please, BJ-C, don't yell, but I did vote for "Decode" as Best Song (I like Paramore & it was the only good thing to come out of the film). Sorry.

Ms Harker said...

My votes are in Missy, I love your new glasses! There is a heated contest in the Harker househld between Sci-fi and Horror in the voting... I agree with your sentiment LTROI should win most of its categories but alas, I won't be holding my breath (in case some necro tries to tamper with me!).

WisdomofBookmonkey said...

First off - LOVE the blog!

While I followed the link to the Scream awards I found the trailer to the upcoming Clive Barker based film "Book of Blood" and here are the pros and cons as I see them.

- Starring Jonas Armstrong (Pictured right) - loved him in the BBC Series Robin Hood

- Directed by John Harrison - who worked on the Dune Mini-series for the SciFi Channel and directed one of my favourite episodes of Kindred: the Embraced.

Con - actually only the one
-The story the film is based on is a framing story for the six-book series The Books of Blood; basically it shows us where all these great stories come from, and gives the collection of short stories a starting and ending point. Even if you take the final story in the series and add them together, you get a page count of 15 pages!

Anyway - thanks for pointing out the voting site!

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