Sunday, August 9, 2009


Since yesterday was my 200th post and I did absolutely nothing to celebrate it, I figured I'd treat all you wonderful guys & ghouls out there with one of my ever so lovely ranting vlogs. Now, over at The Vault of Horror we occasionally do this thing called a "round table" in which B-Sol offers us up a question and a bunch of us answer it. One week he gave us the question of "What Horror Classic Do You Hate?" annnnnnd I had a field day. So here it is...only in my words :)
Enjoy, and by the matter what you comment me,
you WON'T change my opinion on it


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J. Astro said...


BJ-C said...

Haha. Great response.

Mlbthat1guy said...

Ever try to read the book? Blood allows for Frank to escape hell. Pinhead is a Cenobite and therefore bound by rules, whereas Frank is not. The first Hellraiser is a very intelligently made film. The other 7 blow and just tried to make money off of a horror icon.

Tower Farm said...

The first one is the worst. Too serious. I like the second one okay, though.


Matt-suzaka said...

Didn't Freddy need the help of teenage girls to come back to life too...kinda?

hudsonkellymh said...

I just think you missed some things while watching the film:
1. Frank escaped the Cenobites before ending up in hell. It's not shown, but it's told, by him and the Cenobites themselves.
2. The Cenobites are not hunting Frank. They simply respond, as they always do, to the opening of the box. Kirsty offers them a deal to hand over Frank in exchange for her. They want proof that is is Frank, however, so she has to go through those pains to get Frank to identify himself.
3. Frank is obviously horrible. Julia is driven by a lust for his darkness and, er, pecker. She doesn't just dive in whole-hearted on the first kill; she still has some reservations. Do I think this makes her sympathetic? No. But it does make her more complex as a character than Frank.

Anyhow, enjoyed all you do, and keep up the great work!

BJ-C said...

Even with the clarifications...i still hate it haha. we all got something we don't like :)

Ms Harker said...

You had me at 'pieces of crap'!

Johnny said...

I gotta agree that Hellraiser is a bit overrated. I was never much of a fan of the movie, Pinhead, or the franchise as a whole. In fact i've never even bothered to watch most of the sequels and I didn't like the ones that I did see. So while I wouldn't say that I HATE Hellraiser, I really don't have all that much love for it.

Kudos to you for sticking to your guns and not saying you like popular movies just to win people over or gain 'horror street cred'. Like you said, we all got something we don't like, and those differences of opinion when it comes to movies are what makes reading different horror blogs interesting. If we all had the same opinions, what fun would that be?

Al Bruno III said...

While I am a fan of the first two Hellraiser films I do agree that the mythology is a little... uncertain. The novella is better.

Now the movie everyone likes but me? GHOSTBUSTERS. I hated that movie.

allthingshorror said...

The Hellraiser movies are pretty awful, but they're not Saw awful. I kind of like how some of the Cenobites resemble what a baby born of Ms. Pac Man and Blinky the ghost would look like.

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