Monday, August 3, 2009

Whiny Twatlight Fan Gets OWNED

Sup Womanizers?! We all know that yours truly always loves a good Twatlight bashing, and a dear friend of mine, Brad McHargue of I Love Horror just completely ROCKED a stupid fangirl. Brad recently wrote a an article which was eloquently titled "Fuck Twilight, and fuck Stephanie Meyer" Brad is one of the most brutally honest bloggers I've ever met and as the "Queen of Twatlight" you can only imagine how proud my little heart was when I came across this article. It wasn't until recently that he showed me the very best part of the article...the comments section. Looks like some little Bella dream-a-be was a tad bit offended that Brad took a jab at her fantasy world best friends. She came at him pretty harsh and he shut her up mighty quick. Here's the comments for proof.



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Lily Strange said...

Thanks for saying what I want to say but can't since it would seem like sour grapes coming from someone who is still trying to break 100 sales with their book. However, I will say that I couldn't even get through the first 3 chapters of Twilight before I was struck blind by the purple prose. I usually try to give other authors their due, even if I am not particularly fond of their style. But Twilight is...well... wrist-slittingly dreadful.
Gee, I guess I just said what I've been holding back on saying for so long. I feel so...evil. I'll give Stephanie Meyer credit for becoming a millionaire off writing this twaddle. I think the scariest thing about Twilight is the fact that there are women MY AGE (pushing 45) who are obsessed with it.
My vampire character, on the other hand, is a sociopathic megalomaniac. Just in case that sounds slightly more intriguing than an overgrown Emo kid.

BJ-C said...

What is your book called? I'll order it :)

Lily Strange said...

It's at and there are several options. The cheapest one is the e-book at $5 but if you're like me you have to have a real book. I fear I would end up throwing a Kindle at some Twilight fan (or these kids outside jumping on the trampoline and preventing the curmudgeony night shift worker from sleeping.)
Oh's called Eternal Death I: Lost Beneath the Surface. A bit of a melodramatic title--but I promise no-one in it sparkles!

Ms Harker said...

Brad rocks, I just fell off the couch laughing! Twatlight forever!

Rob said...

fetch me a sammich.. haha.. classic!

Carl (ILHM) said...

The nights only going to be downhill from here.. Brad certainly wins the p0wNz of the Day award

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