Saturday, August 8, 2009

Way Too Excited for Surrogates

After reading George Orwell's 1984 my freshman year of high school, I became absolutely enthralled with people's ideas of futuristic societies. Now, I'm not about to say I know absolutely everything about robots or the science-fiction genre, I'm just stating that I really enjoy it. Maybe it helps that Ray Bradbury grew up two towns over from where I live. So I've seen plenty of pictures of this Angelina (but not octo-mom) doppelganger all over the web, but I still hadn't gotten a hold of the trailer. I missed the trailers for Orphan the first time around but I was there for it the second time last night. Like most awesome sci-fi films, it's based off of a graphic novel that I have read and from what I've seen, the film is going to do it pretty good justice. I can't wait. I'm wickedly excited. Let's go see it together. :)

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Monster Scholar said...

I'm hesitant to get too excited because Disney's making it. Do check out the original graphic novel though. I'm a geek for supplementary material and it has all these extras like news reports and advertisements for VirtualSelf that really bring the whole concept to life.

Ms Harker said...

I think this has great potential, the concept is amazing. However I do share the Disney skepticism of MonsterScholar. It should be said I do have a thing for Bruce Willis, he is on my SOG (Sexy Old Guy) list!

Unknown said...

Isn't that poster an exact copy of the one for that shitty Terminator TV show?!

As is the case with Nick Cage, long hair on Bruce Willis is never a good thing and is almost an automatic bad sign for this movie.

I like the future and robots and shit like that, but Surrogates looks pretty mediocre...I'll still go and see it with you, just let me borrow the graphic novel first, then maybe I will be a little more into it!

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