Tuesday, September 1, 2009


1) I saw a clown on a moped today.
2) There was no parade anywhere.
3) Needless to say, I had a heart attack.

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CSY said...
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CSY said...

OH MY FREAKING GAWD!!! I SO would've been running the other way, screaming like a 5 yr old girl...or my husband when I scare the 5 yr old girl outta him!

Translation: I'd've had a heart attack too! Clowns are EVIL!!!

Sorry, the first comment had a typo - I HATE those!

zillaspice said...

Please refer to my blog, posted 4 years ago:


It's a slow-spreading invasion, apparently.

Stacey Earley

The Curious Cat said...

uh oh....still on a moped sounds innocent enough...love your entry on twatlight! Sex toy...oh dear...but then, it was like this when Titanic first hit the screens with Leo all those years ago... xxx

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