Saturday, August 8, 2009

More Proof Freddy is Cooler than Jason

Who has the sexier female costume?
I will be Mrs. Kruegar for Halloween this year
In case you were wondering.

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NoWhere MaN said...

The cool thing about the Jason costume is that the mask is a purse.

Monster Scholar said...

I dunno. Miss Jason's costume does have a plunging neckline while I'm not sure if the hat is working for Miss Freddy.

Davey C. said...

I like how the Ms. Krueger costume only has three slash marks. I'm with MonsterScholar.

BJ Colangelo said...

Yeah, but the costume for Jason will only fit someone of her size, and it doesn't look like Jason, They should have made a skimpy ass jumper, not this weird hockey uniform

I Like Horror Movies said...

I have to agree, that Ms Jason costume looks more like a lame cheerleader costume for high schoolers that arent quite goth, but goth-edgy. Jason still > Freddy though in the non-costume universe

B-Movie Becky said...

I saw these outfits last Halloween and was upset because I already bought my costume, and I couldn't afford to shell out the $45.

I must say I'm partial to Jason, so I would be Ms. Voorhees. However, I do think Ms. Kreuger's outfit is better.

Unknown said...

While I love both characters, I am essentially a Freddy guy, but even outside of that and as BJ-C said, the Freddy costume is a modded version of Freddy's outfit from the movies and that is what gets my vote. The Jason one looks like a knockoff hockey jersey that you would buy off some dirtball on a street corner...not like Jason's costume in any way.

If Freddy was a bangin' broad instead of a dude, that is what i would think he/she (?) would look like. Plus I like brunettes better than blonds.

Either way, I wouldn't mind stabbing either one of those girls with my flesh knife!

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