Saturday, August 8, 2009

More Proof Freddy is Cooler than Jason

Who has the sexier female costume?
I will be Mrs. Kruegar for Halloween this year
In case you were wondering.

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NoWhere MaN said...

The cool thing about the Jason costume is that the mask is a purse.

MonsterScholar said...

I dunno. Miss Jason's costume does have a plunging neckline while I'm not sure if the hat is working for Miss Freddy.

Dave said...

I like how the Ms. Krueger costume only has three slash marks. I'm with MonsterScholar.

BJ-C said...

Yeah, but the costume for Jason will only fit someone of her size, and it doesn't look like Jason, They should have made a skimpy ass jumper, not this weird hockey uniform

Carl (ILHM) said...

I have to agree, that Ms Jason costume looks more like a lame cheerleader costume for high schoolers that arent quite goth, but goth-edgy. Jason still > Freddy though in the non-costume universe

B-Movie Becky said...

I saw these outfits last Halloween and was upset because I already bought my costume, and I couldn't afford to shell out the $45.

I must say I'm partial to Jason, so I would be Ms. Voorhees. However, I do think Ms. Kreuger's outfit is better.

Matt-suzaka said...

While I love both characters, I am essentially a Freddy guy, but even outside of that and as BJ-C said, the Freddy costume is a modded version of Freddy's outfit from the movies and that is what gets my vote. The Jason one looks like a knockoff hockey jersey that you would buy off some dirtball on a street corner...not like Jason's costume in any way.

If Freddy was a bangin' broad instead of a dude, that is what i would think he/she (?) would look like. Plus I like brunettes better than blonds.

Either way, I wouldn't mind stabbing either one of those girls with my flesh knife!

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