Saturday, August 8, 2009


I must say that for a film that isn't all that great, they managed to produce one of my absolute favorite horror movie characters of all time. I spoke a little bit about her when I did my showcase on Religion in Horror. As an elderly townswoman with a borderline reputation as a witch and an extreme belief in a bloodthirsty God, her speeches sound like something ripped straight out of a John Edward's sermon. She actively thrives in the situation of the townspeople being trapped in the supermarket by unknown creatures. She starts out as being seen as just another crazy Jesus freak, and eventually ends up convincing a large fraction of the survivors that a human sacrifice must be made to clear away the mist. The survivors become almost cult-like and see the deaths of others a punishment by God. I could not WAIT for this bitch to die. Oh my lanta. Mrs. Carmody's vocal pronouncements of a "vengeful, Old Testament God" unleashing his wrath through these "plagues" begins to bring her followers. This woman is doing nothing more than taking advantage of fear. People will look towards anything with a solution when they are afraid, and she is milking it for all it's worth! I absolutely loved how much I hated the character and the performance of Marcia Gray Harden was WELL deserving of her Saturn Award.

Every time I watch this film, I'm just flooded with more and more hatred for this bitch. She's willing to make a sacrifice out of a child. A CHILD. We all know how I feel about killing children that aren't totally deserving of it. I just don't get people like her. I think one of my biggest pet peeves are people who are self-righteous and this bitch is running her own pride parade. Faith can really change a person and this woman is crunk off Christ.

I just youtubed a video for you all and I found someone who posted a GREAT one showing how freaking whacked this woman is, and guess what...HE DEFENDED HER. When the creatures came into the building why didn't it kill Mrs. Carmody even when it rest right on her? She didn't fight but prayed for her life, and it was granted. The creature didn't sting her because she approached the manner in respect to the Creator from which they came.Steven King has tricked the people watching this movie, because in this movie many are showing there true feelings about the MOST HIGH YAH and HIS Laws. We should know that Steven King knows the truth and has presented it with a twist to show man's true feelings about his Creator. MY LIFE FOR YOU!!!!!!! This is a statement that all Israel should have for THE MOST HIGH YAH. Israel was Created to be Servants to The MOST HIGH YAH, and our LIFE IS FOR YAH. You can find all over the net that people are upset with Mrs. Carmody in the movie, because she spoke the true. They were happy when she died, even though it was not the creatures that killed her but man.

So here's to you, Mrs. Carmody....Jesus loves you more than you will know....Oh woah woah woah.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, just wow. She's even written way more wackalicious in the book/short story. Have you read it? Good stuff.

BJ Colangelo said...

Yeah and she's bonkers. I LOVE it.

Monster Scholar said...

God, I hated that bitch. I was even more creeped out by the other lady that was primed to take her place when she died ( the one who shouted "killer" or something). Will the madness never end?

Pax Romano said...

I think that MGH was robbed come awards time, she so deserved an Oscar for this great performance.

Of course, Mrs. C. joins the long line of crazy religious folk in King's cannon. From Mrs. White (Carrie), to Robert "Sunlight" Gardner (The Tailsman), and even Annie Wilkes (Misery). I seriously doubt that King meant for us to see Mrs. Carmody for anything but a crazy woman who could sway others in a time of crisis . Jeez, I hope I am not trapped in a supermarket surrounded by beasties with that You Tube guy!

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