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I'm sure you've discovered the Manson Family-like relationship that we horror bloggers all share. So There's a good chance that you've seen these images bouncing around from page to page. Well I was recently awarded some pretty cool things. Cortez the Killer of Planet of Terror has bestowed upon me the "Honest Scrap" award, and love of my life over in Monster Land has blessed me with the "Necronomicon Award for Outstanding Blogs of Horror". (if anyone else sent me this award and I missed it...I'm sorry and I love you)

So what do I do with these things?'s like a chain mail, but heartfelt and not annoying :)

1) Link back to the awarder's site-- Finito!
2) Pass the award on to 10 other blogger sites that are deserving
3) Spit out 10 honest things about yourself

Well I am passing these fab awards onto 10 fab horror blogs you should be reading.

The Vault of Horror: Did you really expect me to not nominate my partner in crime? B-Sol writes one of the most influential horror blogs on the Weird Wide Web. He's got a great voice and fabulous information. He gives a cornucopia of horror excitement with everything from reviews to news to raging vlogs and always a sprinkle of sarcasm for flavor.

The Lightning Bug's Lair: T.L. Bugg's fabulous blog is an ADD stricken horror addicts wet dream. There's so many different things to look and and vastly different topics to read about that you can seriously spend hours on it and have no idea where the time went.

Musings Across A Continuum: We all know that when it comes to girl power, I'm the Ginger Spice of the horror community. Ms. the Posh to my Ginger. She brings to the female horror blogging community the thing that I wish I could. Class. She is a classy chick and her writing is 99.9% of the time absolutely enthralling. The other 1% is her "hush now" pictures that pop up.

I Love Horror: It takes guts to stand up for what you believe in. It takes balls to stand up for something when you know you're standing alone. Brad McHargue is a no nonsense writer that isn't afraid to not just bite the bullet...but to chew it up and spit it out as well. A passionate and intelligent writer of horror with an affinity for cute fluffy critters...Need I say more?

Freddy In Space: Probably one of the coolest guys out there, Johnny Squires gives a very entertaining look at all aspects of horror. Not to mention he's got another blog where you can...

Win Free Horror Shit....I'm down for that. Always.

WritRightWrote: Andrea Kirk is a newer blogger out there who intertwines opinion, sass, and my all too favorite way of writing like a teenager to let the world know how she feels about certain horror topics. Like not being on the True Blood bandwagon (since she doesn't have HBO) and she's also a damn good person to follow on twitter, she'll send you hilarious images like its her job.

HorrorSquad: So there are blogs ON the site, but I'm downright obsessed with this website. They've got news, dvd revies, trailers, storylines, and yes-the occassional blog. It's one of those websites that you can get lost for days on.

BuyZombie: Some people say Buy American...Stuart Conover wants you to Buy Zombie. A website/blog dedicated fully and intently to our undead friends and absolutely EVERYTHING related to the matter. Zombie reviews, zombie shirts, zombie cereal, zombie marriage counceling, I mean EVERYTHING.

Zombo's Closet of Horror: The Man, The Myth, The Legend. Zombo's Closet is by far the most essential blog a reader needs to have on their roll of things to read this week. Founder of the LoTT D and just overall awesome writer. Zombo's Closet attempts to bring to you not just horror films, but everything pertaining to the genre we love so much.

And then those pesky 10 things about me

  1. I know all the words to "It's The End of the World as We Know It" by R.E.M. and I can sing them as fast as he can.
  2. I'm absolutely petrified of catching Leprosy and avoid people with skin conditions in fear that it's leprosy. Even if it's just a bad case of acne.
  3. I went to nationals for Humerous Interpretation in speech team. HI is when you perform 8 minutes of a play by yourself, playing every character with different voices and body positions. Mine had 12. It was awesome.
  4. I have rituals for public places. I cover my non-eaten food with a napkin in resturaunts, and I can't use the toilet paper in a public restroom that has been exposed to the air. I will pull it in a full rotation three times, rip the paper, and THEN use the toilet paper exposed.
  5. My lower stomach is covered in scars and stretch marks from when I was a beached whale. I love them, I don't hide them. Some people think they're ugly, but I think that it shows how i've chaned, evolved, grown, but most importantly...LIVED.
  6. I have to turn the pop tabs on aluminum cans around or I'm afraid I'll cut my lip.
  7. I have NO problem talking about my accomplishments. We spend too much time in our newspapers talking about how awful things are. Why shouldn't we be proud of what we've done? The only people who have a problem with bragging are those who have nothing to brag about.
  8. My hands are the same size as my 8 year old cousin. Not because he's a freak of nature, but because my hands are carnie sized.
  9. I broke my entire face when I was 13. I was twirling outside, slipped when I was doing an aerial type movement, and caught all of my body weight on my face.
  10. In 8th grade i was awarded "Cheerleader of the Year" and I accepted the award amongst a sea of abercrombie pink dresses in a Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirt, a plaid skirt, and black combat boots.

8 comment(s):

Unknown said...

Congrats! You gave a lot more away than I did...I said stuff like "I like cereal" and shit like that. And good for you for not being deformed by your twirling accident...that would have been a disaster!

Monster Scholar said...

I feel you on the leprosy thing. I once had a roommate who had eczema, yeep!

B-Sol said...

Hey thanks!! I totally would've listed you for the Honest Scarp award, but I didn't think I was supposed to pick any of the same blogs Cortez had already awarded it to. Oh well, consider yourself my unofficial 11th!! :-)

Zachary Kelley said...

Thanks so much for the award BJ-C, and for your kind words. Thankfully, I've managed to avoid lepers in my life, but my sister in law did once have scurvy. It was like being related to the world's least exciting pirate.

Johnny said...

Did I just win two awards? How will I ever repay you?! Much obliged, you womanizer.

And show off those carny hands in the next vlog, will ya?

Unknown said...

Somehow I missed the fact that you ran Monster Land too. I love that blog--found it for the first time the other day and started stalking it.
I blame my missing obvious things on my presbyopia. Aging eye--causes one to need reading glasses, which, to be honest, I'm generally too lazy to put on when I'm working on the computer at home. Reading labels though? Forget it! Unless I have my son with me, out come the Granny glasses!
Anyone ever notice that all reading glasses are Granny glasses? You just can't get snazzy ones that make you look 20 years younger!

Ms Harker said...

Thank you for the lovely words. I am enjoying the analogy of Posh and Ginger, we could be the Arsenic Girls... now we just need a hot horror dance rotuine and we could take YouTube by storm!

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Thank you for the kind words and awardage. To be included in such an inspiring bunch of bloggers is quite an honor indeed. Day of the Woman has made my day!

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