Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Good Evening Ghouls and Boils, it's BJ-C here and I'm proud to announce that my reign of slacking and procrastination is over! I have two more hours until it's Thursday so don't you fret, I am delivering you a WotW that I hold quite dear to my heart. Technically, it's not a WOMAN of the Week, but like I rules. You see if it wasn't for this WotW, this blog wouldn't even exist. As most of you may or may not know, B-Sol of The Vault of Horror writes Top # Lists for Bloody-Disgusting. Well, one time B made a list about the best slashers and included their "weapon of choice" he listed this ones as a "curling iron" and I laughed so hard I spit Diet Coke out my nose. I preceeded to comment and tell him such and he replied back to me because I was actually giving him support rather than saying OMG WHY DIDN'T YOU INCLUDE SO & SO. BLAAAAH. That was when he discovered my lil' blog and helped me get it out of the womb and into the real world. So it's about time I featured this dandy little miss as a Woman of the Week.

Oh Baby, if looks could kill...Well, she doesn't exactly need a look to kill, just a handful of household items. Probably being the MacGyver of slashers, Angela Baker took took down her victims with boiling water, bees, a kitchen knife, an archery arrow, the lake, and of course the curling iron. Felissa Rose's portrayal of Angela Baker has made her one of the biggest cult icons this side of Dr. FrankNFurter. She's one of the younger of the slashers and stars in the film where she barely speaks. Angela is a mute, staring, but coniving child. She has a way of stealing the entire film and doesn't do more than just sit and stare. I mean of course she's the killer in the end, but for the other hour and 45 minutes, she just sort However, it isn't until the ending that made her become truly memorable. I mean...WHAT THE PENIS?

Felissa Rose doesn't need to be an Oscar winning actress or own a star on Hollywood's Walk Of Fame, but the character of Angela Baker pops up ALL over the place. The Blood Brother's wrote a song titled "Meet Me at the Waterfront After The Social" which is a quote from Angela, not to mention Senses Fail has a song entitled "Angela Baker and my Obsession With Fire". However my favorite pop culture reference is the fact that Robot Chicken made a sketch about it. Most actresses are remembered for their pivotal roles, however the role of Angela Baker is the epitome of a cult icon. Bruce may be the King, but Angela is definitely my Queen.

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Tower Farm said...

For me, the only Angela worth watching was played by Pamela Springsteen. When she sings "I'm a Happy Camper"... well, it is much more entertaining that watching a sulky mute, anyway. I love those Sleepaway Camp sequels!


B-Sol said...

Without Angela Baker, there would be no Bonnie & Clyde of horror blogging! Let's all raise a glass to him/her.

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