Thursday, July 2, 2009

Terrifyingly Terrific Tattoos.

A little over a year ago B-Sol made a post on Keith Ciaramello and his fabulous work on tattoos. Which inspired me to show all you womanizers out there some of the sickest and most wicked tattoos. However, I've come to the conclusion that there are different categories for these tattoos. I've broken them down a bit for you. So here's some of the FINEST displays of art permanently flaunted on our skin. I'll be honest, I dream of being able to tat myself up with images from my favorite horror films...but I'm a scaredy-cat and am pretty sure my parents would pour mouthwash in my eyes for it. So here's my salute and tribute to the bold and the brave.

What better way to show the world your love of horror than to put an image on your body that everyone from age 10-100 is aware of. I've seen my fair share of Freddys, a just amount of Jasons, a plethora of Pinheads, a lot of Leatherfaces, and a multitude of Michaels. For some reason or another, people keep decking themselves out with these franchise boys. If you were ever wondering if your character has made an impact or not? Just check the bare arms and legs of the contenders at your next convention.

Let me first say that this man's back is by far the COOLEST back collage I've ever seen in my entire life. Good job google images, way to go. Another one of those perfect ways to show people that you love your horror films, and that you love you some GOOD horror films. There's no better way to say "Hell Yeah, I like Horror, and I'm no Saw Sellout" than to plaster your body with the Count, Frankie, and all the others.

It may be cliche, it may be excessive, but nothing says horror fan like a skull. It's a classic way to show off your edge without plastering a well known face on you. I actually met a man once who had his daughter's skull tattooed on his shoulder after she had died of SIDS. Some people may find it to be a little morbid, but I found it to be very endearing. To those who don't have anything as touching as that, the skull is one of the most common symbols of horror.

You don't need to have be in a franchise of films to make a dent in pop culture. Don't believe me? Just ask Kyra Schon or Jack Nicholson. I've seen more images of little Karen Cooper than just about anything. I won't lie, the peron who made this HEEERE'S JOHNNY tat, has got some mad skills. It almost looks like Jack is right there on his leg. Which I haven't decided if that's a good thing or a bad thing yet. It takes some major balls to have the Shining tattooed on your body, some majorly awesome balls.

You know, I don't have much to say about people who get the weird horror themed tattoos.
I mean, you gotta have respect for someone who is willing to get friggen Cannibal Holocaust tattooed on their bod.
I sure as hell know I couldn't do it.
Then again,
I probably wouldn't even be able to handle like...a flower or a chinese symbol or something that everyone and their mom has...

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RayRay said...

While I do not have any horror related tattoos, you might be interested to check out The Thing tats over at the great fan site, Outpost 31:

B-Sol said...

Keith Ciaramello really is an amazing talent, who I worked with at WWE. He runs an awesome tattoo shop on Long Island, and specialized in horror-style tattoos. Here's the website for those interested:

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