Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Horror + Baton =<3

So do any of you remember about 2 and a half months ago when I posted a song about Vampires and brought a picture of my baton group? No? Well that last sentence is a link to it. Well, I made a promise to show you all pictures of some of the other props and such. I'll admit, I've been a super McFly style slacker and haven't done anything about it, but FEAR NOT! I took my camera to practice tonight and snapped some shots of our corp. NOTE: This is practice, so we don't have our official costumes on. It's still sweet though :D
The chest plate lights up :D
The House
Who doesn't love a cheesy tombstone name?
There's a pull behind every tombstone.
Ending Pose. Yes...I am covered in my skirt on the floor.
There's a curtain that drops down at the end :D
This would be a little dance called THRILLER.
Frankenstein's Laboratory. Can't see them, but Frankie, Dracula, The Wolf Man, and The Mummy all join the Mad Scientists to do the Monster Mash
Vampire Capes
Oh yeah...that twirling thing too.

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B-Sol said...

I love that Ghostface is also involved in the routine. Do you also have one of the girls on a telephone who acts like a complete dumbass and does nothing but wail and cry until she's knifed to death?

Oh, and those spiders rule btw.

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