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WOMAN OF THE WEEK: Lina Leandersson

Normally, I give some catchy catch phrase about it being Hump-Day, but since our WotW is a bit on the younger side, I'm just going to say HELLO WEDNESDAY! Today's WotW is a girl I've been putting of putting up here for a while now. Now that "Twatlight" is in full swing for New mBOOn, I figured today would be as good as any to showcase my favorite Vampire character since Count Dracula. That's a pretty powerful statement, considering this vampire is a 13 year old Sweedish girl. I can't help it though, she combines being terrifying and being sweet perfectly (EAT THAT JOHNATHAN LIPNICKI). I'm talking about Lina Leandersson, who will forever be our Eli in Let the Right One In.

Lina is no stranger to DotW, as a month or so back, I posted why Eli was far surperior than that chump Edward Cullen. I had heard so much buzz about LTROI that I knew I had to get ahold of a copy of it. A friend of mine who I have dubbed the "Queen of Hard-To-Find Horror flicks" had somehow gotten a hold of a copy of LTROI with the English subtitles (before they mass released it and fucked it all up). I instantly fell in love. The storyline was unbelieveable, the casting was great, the script was phenomenal, and Lina Leandersson was mindblowing. Absolutely mindblowing.

There's something about her that just draws me to her. I can't quite put my finger on it. I will be honest that it is very difficult for me to describe how incredible she is, because she leaves me speechless. To start with, its such an understated performance. People often times don't realize how talented she is, because it's hard to realize that she is only 12 years old in this film. She accomplishes so much by doing very little. Just a glance here, a word there. We are taught in acting class that "less is more" and that you don't have to be William Shatner to get your point across. Lina is clearly ahead of her time. There's a wisdom beyond her years in those eyes, its like she really is an adult in a child's body. This is perfect you know, to play an ageless vampire.

She's also very talented at working off of other people. The relationships she has with other characters through the film are very distinct. Her body language even changes depending on who she's sharing the screen with. Her relationship with Oskar is by far the most stunning, but the relationship she has with her victims is something to be noted of. You can see in her eyes that her kills aren't because she's vicious, but because she has to live. However, when she is with Oskar, you can see her youth shine through. It's magic really.

My favorite scene and the scene that most people recognize, when she bleeds. This scene proves that she's got the acting chops of a grown actress. The scene where Oskar taunts her and she finally walks in his house uninvited, even though she knows she'll suffer for it, is absolutely breathtaking. Her face communicates so much in that moment, like she's willing to hurt herself because she loves him so much. It's beautiful and haunting. Two things that I haven't seen work together in a very long time.

She has so much left in her, I cannot wait to see what else she will bring to the screen. Thank-you Lina, you don't know it yet...but you're going to be a living legend, a walking *soon to be* classic character. You completely define what most girls dream of. To be a respected actress at such a young age. Thank you for your amazing performance. You are, phenomenal.

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B-Sol said...

She's my hero. Nuff said.

Unknown said...

I must admit that "Let the Right One In" was pretty amazing and the soundtrack... to die for. Probably some of the best programatic music I've heard in a long time.

eli said...

I completely agree with you. She was absolutely stunning.. perfectly portraying the mysterious, lonely but sweet, yet dangerous Eli. She definitely touched our hearts.

Ms Harker said...

Here, here. She was wonderful, chilling, creepy yet vulnerable. The 'bleeding' scene was beyond disturing, my favourite of the film too. If you loved LTROI you should get your hands of 'Handling the Undead', his second book... zombies.

RayRay said...

While having yet to see Let the Right One In, that was one moving review. Kudos.

B-Sol said...

Ray, can't recommend it enough. Possibly the best vampire film ever made. Not hyperbole on my part.

Senzo said...

This little Swedish features undeniably walks ahead the very best of its kind. Lina Leandersson did an absolutely adorable job in her portrayal of sweet little Eli. But we should never forget her performance (along with Kåre Hedebrant and the other actors) was also partially made by the outstanding skills of director Tomas Alfredson who exactly knew how to treat his actors to get them into their specific roles.

Cheers to this outstanding movie and to all those who threw in their mite in making it the wonderful experience it is.

And Lina... Dear Lina... Please don't become a typecast. It's sad enough to see what they did to Summer Glau. Don't let this happen to you.

Unknown said...

Great, great movie. Hear there're going to screw up the whole thing with an American remake set in Reagan era Colorado. Like we Americans never tire of ripping off great work and ruining it!!

fakhar said...

man i just cannot believe what happen to me after watching this movie. i have been watching atleast 4 movies a day for last 5 days afters my finals, then this movie came and i feel like this is my first experience of a movie in could this movie can make me love a child vampire in a very pure way.Their is nothg pure in it but i think i am in that train with her its amazing to have such a feeling after watching uncounable movies for 11 yrs daily.

fakhar said...

man i just cannot believe what happen to me after watching this movie. i have been watching atleast 4 movies a day for last 5 days afters my finals, then this movie came and i feel like this is my first experience of a movie in could this movie can make me love a child vampire in a very pure way.Their is nothg pure in it but i think i am in that train with her its amazing to have such a feeling after watching uncounable movies for 11 yrs daily.

Anonymous said...

Awesome movie; another Swedish Masterpiece. Lina Leandersson was simply amazing as was Kåre Hedebrant performance. As "fakhar" posting mentions, after watching this film you actually feel as though you've actually experienced a movie.

Anonymous said...

I fell in love with her as well (no not like that)
i wanted to take her home and protect her.
it left me with very conflicting feelings.

i was sad when the movie ended.
yeah it was that good!

Anonymous said...

I never watch a movie twice. I just watched this movie for the 2nd time, and I think I'm going to watch it for a few more weeks. The best movie I have seen in years.

I don't know who is doing a remake, but they are wasting their time. No way to improve on this film.

And yes - I am in love with Lina. Too bad I'm 62 years old. But hey, she's probably older than I am! ha ha ha.

Bryan said...

I absolutely loved this movie and especially Lina and Kare's performances; the young actors completely convinced me in their roles and I couldn't help but think about this film long after it had ended. The direction, cinematography, sound track, screen play adaptation were all outstanding. I even bought the book and read it though but to me this is a case such as with Steven King's 'The Shining' where the movie is better than the book.

Anonymous said...

I saw the american remake first & thought that was good. Good portrayal of characters ... much else good too ... in fact looks just like an exact or sincere set used ... I can't see the difference in sets ... amazing.

Don't know the names of the cast in the american version ... never even bothered to notice ... but yes, they played their roles excellently there too, no doubt.

It's this version though, "Let the right one in" ... that convinced me of the abilities of Lina Leandersson. In the movie ... just stunning. Pure grace. I want to hide & protect her too ... odd. But then the lad or co-star ... don't remember his name now ... just as good ... just as compelling. He really caught my eye with his body language & no, I'm not gay or with such tendencies of any kind. Just believe he did an amazing job too.

If Sweden can put more stuff out like this movie (named above) with people as talented as are in this one ... they're really going to put holes in the american film industry (I believe).

I've seen countless movies. Some I see more than once. Few leave me with strong, resounding memories. This one does just that. Can't be forgotten. Just can't be. My emotions really rode waves while watching this one ... & I kept it all in mind ... almost every scene ... amazing. Had I not seen the various write-ups, there's no way I would have believed she was twelve when she was in this film ... no way at all. The end scene in the train ... he tapping his morse code response to her in the box ... that scene showed him being much more an adult than a twelve year old too. Oh, I could go on & on ...

The movies "The Exorcist" (first or original) & "Omen" (Damien) ... both have a successor now.

Please ... more like it ... please.


Anonymous said...

Best film ever seen, i love lina leandersson, she's my favourite actress

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