Thursday, June 4, 2009

Why The Horror Blogging Community is the COOLEST

Today, I realized something. We horror bloggers (and readers) are a distinct sub-culture that MTV has yet to make a True Life out of. Some people have really great political or gossip blogs...but I believe there is nothing quite as nice as the horror blogging community. It sounds very strange, but the grossest, goriest, most disturbing, nightmare inducing things...bring us together. Why? I have no idea, however I've come up with the list that helps explain why we, the horror blogging community...are the coolest.

07) We're brutally honest
Sometimes you'll get one blogger to say they like something, and then suddenly everyone likes it. It's not so in the horror world. Every one and their brother can like Drag Me To Hell, but we'll always know there's one who doesn't. Which is awesome. The horror community isn't being spoon fed what they need, they're getting a wave of opinions.

06) We've got the best of both worlds!
A lot of blogging communities are very sexually divided. Gossip blogs tend to be run by women, while a political blog is more male dominated. However, the horror community has some pretty good heavy hitters that are women. We've got growing blogs, huge blogs, and hell-a website dedicated to it. Good in my book!

05) We all enjoy stupid sexual puns/references.
Face it, horror and sex go together like ram-a-lama-lama-ka-dingity-ding-de-dong. Sex jokes are also the easiest ones to make! So all the horror blogs out there always pop up hilarous references or confessions. Why else would people keep reading B-Sol's infatuation with Trash or mine with Bruce Campbell? However, as always...there are exceptions. Our darling little Soap Magic disapproves, but he's only 13...plenty of time for corruption yet!

04) We accept all ages!
One of my biggest fears when starting this blog is that I wasn't going to be respected being an 18 year old girl. However I've been welcomed with open arms. The more in depth I've gotten into this, I've realized that age really isn't anything but a number. I've read blogs and recieved comments from kids young enough for me to babysit, and some old enough to need assistance crossing the street. Like little Soap Magic's 13 year old (with mad chops) blog The Beyond, or old enough to possibly be my grandfather's amazing blog Frankensteinia.

03) We plug each other!
I promise you, my reference is just as wonderful as what your guttermind just imagined. The horror community x-posts and links to other horror blogs more than anything I've ever seen. You don't see gossip blogs referring to each other do you? Hell no. We horror people actually have some respect for each other and want to see others succeed! Haven't you noticed how The Vault of Horror attempts to link me in every entry? I even did site modeling for him, just because I want VoH to be spread like swine flu, and its not even my blog! I've also noticed our rapid speed re-tweeting amongst each other.

02) We cover all aspects!
Most blog "communities" have blogs that are remotely the same thing. A lot of their entries overlap. However the horror community covers so much more ground. We have news blogs, commentary, horror contests, horror comics, horror stories, and all of the above. It's nice that you can go from blog to blog and not have to worry about reading the same thing.

01) We're centralized:
At this point, I should give credit where it's due to Iloc Zoc over at Zombos' Closet of Horror, who had the ambition last year to start up the League of Tana Tea-Drinkers, currently the most prominent association of horror bloggers on the web (and I'm not just saying that 'cause I hope to one day be a member!). The LoTT-D--which includes the likes of Final Girl, Kindertrauma, Evil on Two Legs, The Groovy Age of Horror and of course, The Vault of Horror--is an example of harnessing the power of the horror blogosphere and doing something cool with it. We've got a central location for the best of the best blogs, so we'll never be in vain...searching for something good :)

15 comment(s):

Mr. Fiendish said...

Very well said. I've joined the whole horror blog thing recently, and I must say I really like the company

B-Sol said...

Eek, I've officially been exposed! That's right folks, spot the DotW link in each of my posts, and win a prize!

Cins said...

*L* men sistah! Though our blog is a bit on the small side, I totally feel the comradere with all the other bloggers. Definitely a great community.

Umm...I'm going to be horrible and shamelessly self promote.

Zachary Kelley said...

In the 11 months that I've been doing the horror blogging thing, I've met nothing but great people. So, hear, hear, a toast to you all.

Johnny said...

Great post and thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

Nicely said Madame, I'm loving the community feel from the horror bloggers, and the hillarious Tweets that go on as well. Also love the tag-team Twatlight bashing ;) Thanks for the spruik too gorgeous.

Ms Harker

Anonymous said...

Here here. Love you and B-Sol for the links on your sites and for being just good kids all around. Its great to be a part of a network of fantastically awesome and twisted nerd-o-ramas like myself!!

Soap Magic said...

This post is just wonderful. I didn't realize how close we horror-bloggers are. Posts like these makes me love your blog even more. :D

Pierre Fournier said...

LOL, your grandfather's blog? Harumpf! You kids get off my lawn!

BJ Colangelo said...

Sorry Pierre. I'm living on your lawn. And for your information B-SOL TOLD ME TO SAY IT. Just kidding...only without the just kidding.

B-Sol said...

Pierre, think of it more as an "elder statesman" role! Yeah, that's the ticket! Heh... :-/

Pierre Fournier said...

BJC, if I had a lawn, you'd be welcome to it. As for B-SOL, what's that? Sounds like some kind of disinfectant spray. "B-SOL kills germs and eliminates car, cat, shoe and wrestling trunk odors."

BJ Colangelo said...

That was great.

Curt Purcell said...

Thanks for the link! I just added you to my sidebar at Groovy Age.

the jaded viewer said...

OK I'll admit I just stumbled upon DOW from Vault. And after reading a few posts I'm hooked. I totally agree with everything on the list because of the response I've been getting at my blog the jaded viewer(Sorry for the gratuitous plug but I hope still #3 holds true).

Everybody in the horror-sphere seems genuinely cool about sharing their 2 cents (good or bad) and that's whats fun about it. Hey we might hate the latest Platinum Dunes remake or think its the best, but its all done with respect.

I'm glad I'm part of this little community.

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