Saturday, June 6, 2009


1)Please admire this photo of myself. My sister took it. I think it's smashing.

2)I'm looking at my poll and it seems that my readers want to be BJ Queens....You'd think I'd be worrying for all of your well beings, but I'm more concerned as to why you didn't tell me sooner. I put that up as a joke and it's in 2nd place. I love you all"

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B-Sol said...

Yes, as the suggester of "BJ Queens", I'm also equally impressed. That said, I'm pleased my real pick, Womanizers, is on the threshold of victory :)

B-Sol said...

P.S. Smashing pic. Kudos to sis.

MonsterScholar said...

Smashing eye make-up.

Scott said...


Nice pic! And you get about 1,000 Cool Points for putting a pic of Son of Svengoolie on your page. I used to watch him when I was a kid in the Midwest.

Hope your weekend is good...take care!

BJ-C said...

I live in Illinois so Svengoolie is my homeboy :)

jervaise brooke hamster said...

Brittney, whenever i see a picture of you i jerk-off, thats how gorgeous you are, just the sight of your face drives me into an immediate masturbatory frenzy, you really are one of the most stunningly beautiful girls i`ve ever seen and your tits are astonishing.

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