Friday, June 26, 2009

Mara Signed On For Second NOES film...pretentious much?

Living a grand total of about 40 minutes (20 if I'm driving) from where the new NOES film is being filmed, I've not been getting much information about the new film. I'll give them credit, all the kids over there are keeping their mouths shut tight. However, it has been leaked that our new Nancy Thompson, Rooney Mara has signed on for a sequel. Now, I'm all for people signing on for sequels because sometimes we're really lucky and get you The Dark Knight or something. However, when you're re-making a horror classic/icon/awesomeness I wouldn't count my chickens. Yes, they are going to pull in a decent box office size because just like Zombieween, we were all way too curious to see what a different director would do to our slashing savior. However, look at the reviews and backlash that film got. There really isn't a middle to it. Either people really liked what he did with it, or they believe Rob Zombie is a douche bag for turning Michael Myers human and completely destroying what it is that made him so scary. Can you guess what side of the fence I'm on?

Anyway, so I'm cool with the remake because its bringing Freddy to a new audience, but allowing someone to sign on to a sequel of a remake that hasn't even finished filming absolutely retarded. How pretentious can you be?! You assume this film is going to be so mindblowingly awesome that you're already planning a sequel? Stupid. That attitude alone is already going to justify the pile of ostrich shit this film is probably going to be. There's no guarantee this movie will even be a hit. She might have strapped her career to a sinking stone. Its so presumptuous on their part to already be planning a sequel for a movie thats gotten such a NEGATIVE backlash Oh Jackie Earl Haley....please save this film!!! I mean, we've all seen the Zombieween 2 trailer. Since when does Mike Myers have a Jason Voorhees momma's boy attitude? And since when is Mike Myer's mom a white-wigged ghost bitch with too much eye makeup? That just makes me petrified for what they'd do to Freddy. What next? He was beaten up with a Stretch Armstrong as a child which is why he likes to stretch his arms out in boiler rooms? Did a teacher threaten him with nails on the chalkboard and now he has to scratch every surface he sees? ARE YOU JOKING!?

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B-Sol said...

Jackie Earl Haley IS the only thing that can save this picture. The guy is a brilliant actor, dare I say better than Robert Englund. That said, everything I've read about this flick leads me to believe it's going to be a clusterfuck.

Sequels to remakes that haven't even come out yet...What the frak is the world coming to...?

Anonymous said...

As much of a shamwow that H2 will turn out to be, I think its the wrong movie to be making predictions with. After the F13th remake, I'd be worried Platinum Dunes is gonna combine the biggest cliches from NOES 2-5 with some convoluted prequel story about pedofred, into one movie, leaving out the best parts from the original... all because "its what the fans want."

Back on topic, I could really care less if they want to attach their lead to the sequel, I would appreciate it, though, if they would wait to make the announcement *after* the movie is released so im not sitting through the entire movie wondering if she is gonna be alive in the sequel or just flashbacks. total f*cking failicopter.

Anonymous said...

I think it's pretty much standard operating procedure to sign "stars" of a film to sequels, just in case the movie hits big. That way, they don't have to worry about paying mucho dinero to get people to come back to be in it. But, like Horror Film Magazine said, it sure does take the suspense out of the movie. Gee, I wonder if her character will live or not?

John said...
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John said...

B-Sol, I met Robert a few weeks ago at Monster Mania Con in CT (chronicled in my own blog) and he had nothing but great things to say about Jackie Earl Haley and his abilities as an actor. He basically was saying to wait and see how the movie goes before being too harsh with it and to trust in JEH because in Roberts' own words "the guy's got some chops!".

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