Monday, June 22, 2009

The Hellacious Harmonies of Horror

Did you all like that alliteration I got goin' on? Me too. So this past weekend I hit up the Lake County, Illinois local music scene and went out to see my friend's band The Oath We Took play at The Oasis. There were tons of people, awesome bands, and a dark, midwest summer night. It was exactly what I needed and also a great inspiration to me. I walked outside and heard a couple of guys in tight, skinny jeans talking to one another when one of them said "it's cool man, cause no one lives forever". Instantly I started singing Oingo Boingo's No One Lives Forever. That got me to thinking...HOW AWESOME IS HORROR INSPIRED MUSIC?! Oingo Boingo is definitely my favorite of the horror inspired music groups. However, I love the fact that they aren't alone! There's a band that played on the Warped Tour a while back that called themselves the Groovie Ghoulies. Obviously not just horror inspired, but also horror CARTOON inspired. That's awesome in my opinion. Sadly the band has parted ways but I'll always love them! Favorite Song...."Til Death do us Party" AWESOME.

Love his films or not, Rob Zombie was the king of horror inspired music. If the fact his name is Rob Zombie doesn't make you believe he's horror inspired, just listen to his music. The words Zombie, Witch, Blood, Hell, Dead, Dying, Horror, Nightmare, Demon, Spookshow, Lurks, Creeper, Living Dead, Dragula, Scream, and Corpses are just a few of the words scattered around his song titles. His band before he went solo was White Zombie which is clearly a reference to Béla Lugosi's awesome flick. He totally exudes horror in his music and whether or not you are okay with his directing, you cannot deny his excellence in making horror a musical masterpiece.

Just to add to the list of awesome horror harmonies we have The Misfits, the Horrorpops, KISS, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden,Alice Cooper, Danzig, Metallica, Marilyn Manson, The Cramps, Souixsee & The Banshees, Insane Clown Posse, My Chemical Romance, and Diamanda Galas. So let's keep on keepin on!

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Jon said...

Every horror fan should love the creepy croonings of the Cramps! But also the mad moanings of The Meteors. And the glorious surfer-gore of The Ghastly Ones. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts about horror-themed music.

B-Sol said...

The Cramps are so damn good--in fact I was just inspired to change the VOH's Myspace page music to their awesome song "Surfin' Dead" from the ROTLD soundtrack.

Lookin' forward to this new feature, BJ. The hell with the poll, I say break out Inside!! LOL

Oh, and hate to tell ya, but you slipped into a bit of the Sarah Palin there, right at the end of the vlog... :-)

Don't Get Nasty Brother said...

You should check Zombina & the Skeletons!, nice little band!

Jordan in Texas said...

Yeah, I, too, have to give The Cramps some love.

I also dig The Murderdolls (and Wednesday 13).

BJ Colangelo said...

I feel like such a tard! I forgot so many awesome ones! Zombina is fabulous as well as the Murderdolls and Ghastly ones!

and B-I seriously think that my Sarah Palin/Minnesota's American Teen Princess voice is going to get stuck in my normal talking. I can't say certain words without sounding like them now. It's freaking me out.

Monster Scholar said...

Oingo Boingo was passed on to me by my BFF Stephanie and I am thankful for it every day. My fav song of theirs is "I Love Little Girls" Who knew pedophilia could inspire such a snappy tune?

gord said...

ILLG is definitely a badass song. Oingo Boingo is one of my favourite 'fun' bands. They're so damn catchy and great for whatever mood you're in.

Madame Enfer said...

Oingo Boingo and the Cramps are the best Halloween bands ever. Evil, twisted, hilarious, and with two brilliant frontmen in Danny Elfman and Lux Interior.

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