Monday, June 8, 2009

GRACE: Little Shop of Horrors...with a baby

I'm sure everyone who hasn't been living under a rock has heard of the new film Grace that is sweeping the film fests. The story tells of a young woman named Madeline (played by Jordan Ladd) that has an accident in the penultimate month of her pregnancy, sadly resulting in the death of her unborn child. She decides to carry the baby to full term and deliver it, born a stillborn, the child appears to be miraculously resurrected after Madeline "wills" it back to life. Truly a miracle baby, she names her Grace. Soon, Madeline learns that her Amazing Grace has a taste for human blood. The mother is then thrown in the tricky conundrum of "how far will you go for your child?" I want more than anything to be excited for this film. I've heard nothing but phenomenal reviews and have read that people apparently fainted at the film. I know it's going to be great, but I can't shake the image of a giant green plant begging for Rick Moranis' blood. Granted, I know this film isn't going to have the songs, dance numbers, Do-Wop background commentary, or Steve Martin...but I truly think musical theatre has desensitized me. It is so much like Little Shop. A widow/a loner, a failed child/a failed life, wills baby to live/finds amazing plant, discovers its hunger for blood/discovers its hunger for blood, starts killing to feed it/starts killing to feed it....see what I mean? On the surface, they're very very similar.

I'm aware of the whole "mother-daughter" love undying mambojambo, I get it. (So don't be commenting with, "oh you're missing the point"). I'm just saying, this idea isn't anything new. Poor Seymour loved Audrey II and would do anything to keep her alive, in the same way Madeline will for her daughter. To be honest, I think it's more fucked up for a scrawny guy who shrinks kids to kill for a plant than it would be for a mother to kill for her child. Look at Liam Neeson, in TAKEN he kills like 32 something odd people to find his daughter.

I know the film is going to be amazing and I give MAD props to Paul Solet for bringing his 6-Minute short to life in a feature film, but I don't think the premise is anything out of the ordinary. The way it's put together & the script...that is going to be the extraordinary presence that Grace will bring to us. It's going to throw us out of our seats because we're dealing with a baby and NOT a 20 foot Soul singing, foul mouthed, man-eating, Venus Fly-Trap. You know something, I'll probably love it just because it reminds of me of little shop...anytime something can make me be reminded of Ellen Greene's amazing's a good thing.

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Rui Baptista said...

Greetings from Portugal,

Yes! Grace is a GREAT, GREAT horror movie. Probably one of the best movies I saw in a couple of years. I believe that you will definitely enjoy it. I’ll be waiting for your review.


B-Sol said...

I think this movie would rock even more if Rick Moranis actually played the mother. That would be awesome.

Maweanne said...

They're showing a screening of Grace in Hollywood this week.

Al Bruno III said...

You can count me as one of the interested... it may be an old chestnut but I am very interested in seeing what they can do with it.

And B-Sol did you know the Mr. Moranis is a country music singer now?

Carl (ILHM) said...

I cant wait to see this one, we saw several clips at Fangoria that were emotionally terrifying! Paul is stopping by to do a short interview later this week if you are interested BJ, should have it up on ILHM shortly!

B-Sol said...

Nice Al, all the more reason he would be awesome!

Ms Harker said...

There are so many people raving about this, film but for me like you said the plot is nothing new, even little wiffy (old)... However, there's nothing like an evil baby to make you feel like your the one who may need a nappy/diaper!

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