Tuesday, June 2, 2009

100th Post Spectacular: A-Z of Horror Movie Actresses

Throw confetti, throw balloons, throw-up in excitement if you must! Today is the 100th post of Day of the Woman! I know you've all probably gotten your undies in a bunch with the lack of TpT and the movie recs, but to pay you all back for that, I've got a scrump-diddily-umptious treat for you all. In celebration of it being my 100th post for you lovely people, I thought why not make a Top 100 list of the best Horror Movie Actresses! Well, in making this list I decided that it would be unfair for me to put them in numerical order. I have my biases and this should be a fun list, not something that makes my fans outraged that I put so and so above such and such.

So here is my A-Z of Horror Movie Actresses!

  1. Adrienne Barbeau
  2. Adrienne King
  3. Alison Lohman
  4. Allison Hayes
  5. Amy Steel
  6. Anita Page
  7. Anna Falchi
  8. Ashley Laurence
  9. Asia Argento
  10. Barbara Crampton
  11. Barbara Steele
  12. Barbie Wilde
  13. Betsy Baker
  14. Betsy Palmer
  15. Bette Davis
  16. Britt Ekland
  17. Camille Keaton
  18. Caroline Munro
  19. Carolyn Craig
  20. Cassandra Peterson
  21. Catriona MacColl
  22. Cerina Vincent
  23. Christina Ricci
  24. Courtney Cox
  25. Danielle Harris
  26. Debbie Rochon
  27. Dee Wallace
  28. Eihi Shiina
  29. Elena Arpon
  30. Ellen Sandweiss
  31. Elsa Lanchester
  32. Evelyn Ankers
  33. Fairuza Balk
  34. Fay Wray
  35. Felissa Rose
  36. Gloria Holden
  37. Gloria Stuart
  38. Gloria Talbott
  39. Hazel Court
  40. Heather Donahue
  41. Heather Langenkamp
  42. Heather O'Rourke
  43. Helena Bonham Carter
  44. Hillary Brooke
  45. Ingrid Pitt
  46. Isabelle Adjani
  47. Jamie Lee Curtis
  48. Janet Leigh
  49. Jennifer Love Hewitt
  50. Jessica Biel
  51. Jessica Harper
  52. Julie Adams
  53. Julie Ege
  54. Kari Wuhrer
  55. Kate Beckinsale
  56. Katherine Ross
  57. Kirsten Dunst
  58. Kyra Schon
  59. Laura Lapinski
  60. Leslie Easterbrook
  61. Lina Leandersson
  62. Linda Blair
  63. Linnea Quigley
  64. Lisa Wilcox
  65. Mae Clarke
  66. Maila Nurmi
  67. Margot Kidder
  68. Marilyn Burns
  69. Mary Elizabeth Winstead
  70. Melinda Clarke
  71. Mia Farrow
  72. Milla Jovovich
  73. Nastassia Kinski
  74. Natasha Henstridge
  75. Neve Campbell
  76. Odette Yustman
  77. P.J. Soles
  78. Pamela Franklin
  79. Patricia Arquette
  80. Rose McGowan
  81. Sadie Frost
  82. Samantha Eggar
  83. Sarah Keller
  84. Sarah Michelle Gellar
  85. Sarah York
  86. Scout Taylor Compton
  87. Shannon Lark
  88. Shawnee Smith
  89. Shelley Winters
  90. Sherri Moon Zombie
  91. Sigourney Weaver
  92. Simone Simon
  93. Sissy Spacek
  94. Tiffany Shepis
  95. Tippi Hedron
  96. Tisa Farrow
  97. Tuesday Knight
  98. Virginia Madsen
  99. Winona Ryder
  100. Zelda Rubinstein

7 comment(s):

B-Sol said...

Yes, let's avoid the "B-D Phenomenon" shall we? Alphabetical is the way to go!

Pictures rule. Betsy Baker FTW.

Congrats on the 100th post, lady! I'm both pleased, and reminded that I need to get my own lazy, non-blogging ass in gear!

BJ Colangelo said...

<3 thanks Mr. Miyagi, couldn't do it without you!:)

&& yes. Betsy Baker is always FTW. I just wish I could have put a picture for everyone...because you know me, I likes my pictures.

Zachary Kelley said...

Congrats on your 100th post, and here's to 100 more. Great list, and I was happy to see many of my favorite ladies represented.

BJ Colangelo said...

I tried to spread out the spectrum, gotta represent the oldies and the newbies.

monsterscholar said...

Gloria Holden...death becomes her. And about Sadie Frost was she ever in any other horror flicks? I thought she was also the wife of one of the production staff on FFC's BS's Dracula.

B-Sol said...

Sadie Frost gets in on the merits of her babe-licious appearance in BS Dracula alone, IMO. It's quality over quantity :-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations lady! Glad to se Christina Ricci got a mention, also Rose McGowan and Winona Ryder some of my faves. However Gloria Holden is stunning!

Ms Harker

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