Wednesday, May 20, 2009

WOMAN OF THE WEEK: Nancy Thompson

Happy Hump-Day! I've really been digging this whole "doing a character for WotW" and I figured hell, why not continue it? This week I'm featuring one of the quintessential final girls, and the talk of the horror community now that they're remaking the film that made her famous. Heather Langenkamp was just a bit player in The Outsiders until Wes Craven made her Nancy Thompson, the teen heroine of A Nightmare on Elm Street. Nancy Thompson isn't just a character, she's an icon; and Heather Langenkamp gave us a performance (whether it was Oscar worthy has nothing to do with it) that we won't ever be able to forget.

Daughter of Marge *glug glug*, Nancy Thompson is the epitome of a good friend. Her friend Tina has the same a disturbing nightmare as Nancy, in which she is stalked through a dark boiler room by a figure with razor-sharp knives attached to the fingers on his right hand, and some Stretch Armstrong shit going on. Just as he catches her, however, Tina wakes up screaming, only to discover four razor cuts in her nightdress identical to the cuts in her dream. Nancy decides to help her friend by having a sleepover with her as well as her boyfriend Glen Lantz (holy hotness batman). I don't know about you, but if my friend and I had the same dream and she was waking up with razor marks...I would NOT want to be anywhere near her while she sleeps. But hey, that's just me.

Nancy has three violent nightmares after the figure completely skewers her friend and paints enough blood on the ceiling with her to make it look like a new wave Sistine chapel. Nancy is the first person to be convinced that this figure is the person killing her friends. After Tina's boyfriend Rod (FAME! *jazz hands*) "commits suicide" in a jail cell after being arrested for Tina's murder, Nancy is the one that sees more to the hanging boy than meets the eye. She knows he didn't kill himself, which further proves her suspicions. Her mom *glug glug* takes her to a dream clinic to make sure she gets some sleep, but she once again has a nightmare. This time however, she awakes with even frizzier hair than before, a gray streak that would make Rogue jealous, and of course, Fred Krueger's hat. It makes people mildly concerned but for some reason, no one was like HO YOU CRAZY--it was just, "hmm".

It's only then that her mom *glug glug* explains to Nancy that "mommy killed him" because Freddy killed a bunch of kids some odd years ago and the parents lit him up like the 4th of Ju-Ly. For some twisted reason, he had the glove back then too, and her mom *glug glug* picks it out of their furnace as proof. I don't know about other children, but for me, CANDY lures me better than razor gloves.

So Nancy gets this brilliant idea that he's stalking the kids in their dreams and whatever he does to them in "dream world" happens in reality. DING DING DING! WE HAVE A WINNER! (before I continue, does anyone else notice how she makes the EXACT same face in like, the whole film?) Anywho, so she knows the secret and grabs her steamingly hunktastic boyfriend to help her bring him out into reality. She did it with a hat, why can't she do it with a body?

So they make a plan to pull him out of dream world, but stupid Glen had to fall asleep with a 20 pound television on his groin again and Freddy sucked him through the bed and made Pompeii happen all over again in his bedroom. How shitty, your boyfriend is supposed to save your life, and he goes and gets himself sucked into a bed, disgusting. Question, does the human body have that much blood? Do we care? Whatevz.

So this causes little ol' Nancy Brows to fight off Freddy herself. They run through the house setting off booby traps that Dada from The Goonies would be proud of, until she finally sets him ablaze. Krueger falls on her mother *glug glug* and her toasted corpse sinks into the bed. However, Nancy sends Daddy Dearest away and she defeats Krueger on her own by turning her back to him. Congratulations Nancy for defeating him, but WHY WOULDN'T YOU HAVE JUST TURNED YOUR BACK TO HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE?!

It is then revealed that it was all a dream and that Nancy is still in the dream world as Freddy possesses the car she is driving off in, and Marge's *glug glug* limp mannequin body is pulled through the window to the tune of girls in white singing some little jump rope ditty. So this means the nightmare isn't over AND NANCY CAN STAR IN SEQUELS!!!

Thank you Wes Craven and Heather Langenkamp for giving us Nancy Thompson. Fingers crossed that Rooney Mara does you justice :) I don't know though, she has mighty small eyebrows...

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B-Sol said...

Congratulations on somehow being able to successfully communicate Heather Langenkamp's universal awesomeness without trying to make it out like she's Katherine Hepburn or something. No, Heather will not be winning an Oscar anytime soon. But we all love her. And YES thanks for someone else noticing that her facial expression does not change the entire movie...

Pax Romano said...

I think the real genius of Langenkamp's "performance" in ANOES is that she seems natural. No matter if she was or was not a decent actress, the Nancy character came across as a real person.

My fave moment is when she looks in a mirror and says (as deadpan as possible), "Oh god, I look twenty years old".

Spike Ghost said...

hun, you're right, she does have always the same expression XD
good thing she got better in the seventh movie.

But in the third movie i think it was her worst performance of the series...

otherwise though, i love Nancy, and i love seeing Heather playing her.

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