Wednesday, May 13, 2009

WOMAN OF THE WEEK: Joanne from The Dorm That Dripped Blood

Happy Hump Day! This week has been a hectic one for me. Whoever thought it was a good idea to schedule finals at the same time you're supposed to move out was a freaking GENIUS, I tell you! Not to mention, my dormitory is riddled with three cases of swine flu. Awesome.

Anyways, in keeping with the collegiate spirit, I chose to do my WotW on a character which features prominently in a pretty damn terrific collegiate "video nasty," The Dorm that Dripped Blood. I'm talking about Joanne Murray, played by the mysterious Laura Lapinski in her only on-screen role. Joanne may not be anything special to you, but hey, I love her.

See, Joanne is your average, over-achieving college girl. Her dorm building, Morgan Meadows Hall, is in the process of being boarded up for renovations--which are being overseen, of course, by Joa
nne. She convinces a bunch of her friends to help clear out the building and to stay in the dorm over their Christmas break, for which she must have bribed them something awful. Even though she has a boyfriend, for some reason, all the guys want her. This, despite the fact that she resembles a third-rate Heather Langenkamp knock-off. But I digress.

Needless to say, everything goes to hell and people--as they have a habit of doing in movies like this--start dying. After a smattering of very gruesome murders (some featuring power tools!), Joanne and her friend Craig go off to find the killer.

Joanne, being the sweet, kind-hearted soul that she is, becomes the object of the killer's attention. And there ain't no red herring here, either--the person she believes to be the killer, well, turns out to be the killer. After he reveals himself, she tries to escape in panic. But that's all I'll say about that. After all, you might actually want to see it for yourself...

As far as a video nasty/low-budget slasher/cult film character, Joanne Murray doesn't have all that much to her, I'll admit it--but you know what? She gets the job done. And the reason I'm showcasing her is because I believe that every woman should have her day.

Joanne, you are under-appreciated, overlooked, and do NOT get enough credit. The Dorm that Dripped Blood is the epitome of a low-budget, cheesy, '80s slasher film--and I thank you for the part you played in making it so. You were an "almost" final girl, and you will always be a memorable character to me. I also promise you that I cannot look at a multi-colored pinstripe blouse without thinking of you. I salute you, Laura Lapinski, in spite of your decision that maybe the movie biz just wasn't for you.

This blog isn't about the most famous stars, or the ones that made the most money. It's about the women in horror that helped make our industry what it was today. In my humble estimation, Laura Lapinski made
an impact in her own small way, and her performance as Joanna in The Dorm that Dripped Blood has earned her a spot as Woman of the Week. In the immortal words of The Beatles, thank you, girl.

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I've honestly never heard of this before. Thanks for mentioning it. NetFlixed!

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