Sunday, May 10, 2009

Why I Love My Mother...

I'm not one to bounce off and steal other's ideas, but after reading The Vault of Horror's latest entry about mother's bonding with their children over Twilight...I had to talk about my own mother just to retain some sanity. I am currently 4 and a half hours away at college, so I sadly cannot share my love for my mother in person, so I'll do it the best way I know honoring her on my blog. This is the fabulous woman you will be hearing from if you vote for Kelly's Corner on my poll to the right BTW... Although I DO love the giant pimp smack in the face to Joan Crawford that I posted earlier, I love my mommy more, so I figured I'd share her with the rest of you.

My mother has been a fan of the horror genre for as long as I can remember. She used to tell me all the time about the first time she and her friend Carla saw A Nightmare on Elm Street and how she's been hooked ever since. As a young child, my mother and I would bond over horror films. My favorite part of Halloween wasn't trick or treating, it was being able to run back home to sit on the couch until my bedtime had expired hours ago, to watch the Halloween series with my mother. My parents were always one of the cooler houses to go trick or treating at. Now that my sister and I are much older, they've stuck to having cookouts in the driveway while giving out globs of candy to the kids that come by and complimenting the children with scarier costumes. But when my sister and I were still young enough to trick or treat, it was a whole different ballgame.

My fondest Halloween memory is the year my parents got a hold of the Haunted House prop extras. I came home from school one day to not only see three heads on a bench "spinning" 360, but cobwebs in the trees, body parts dangling from the trees, scary theme music, a fog machine, and a 10 foot coffin standing upright in my yard. I was THRILLED. This is what Halloween is supposed to be like. It was terrifying, it was plastic, it was cool. And then, the KICKER. I walked in front of the coffin to examine it. Seemed normal enough, but then in a single moment FREDDY KRUGER JUMPED OUT OF IT AND CHASED ME DOWN THE STREET. I screamed, I freaked, but I LOVED it. Turns out my parents had hired the neighbor boy to "play Freddy" for the night to scare trick-or-treaters. It was the coolest Halloween of my life. The first half of my night included me sitting across the street and watching children run in terror. Now, my parents weren't cruel people or anything...they would only trigger the kid in the coffin if the Trick or Treaters looked at least 11...

My parents also used to run the haunted hayride for our community. People from all over would come to our town to experience the terror that my family would provide. While it would drive down creepy trails and scary wooded areas, my parents were lurking. My father may have been the big man in the hockey mask that jumped on top of the ride towards the end, but my mother was Pamela Voorhees. She was a woman dressed in the hockey mask at the beginning of the ride. Sort of a symbol for the terror that was about to come. In my opinion, it was brilliant.

The most important thing my mother ever introduced me to, was Stephen King novels. I will remember creeping into my parent's bedroom to see her collection of horror novels on her dresser drawer. The first book I ever read of Stephen King was "Bag of Bones". I remember telling my 3rd grade teacher how scary it should have been, but how it didn't even phase me. Maybe it was because I was so de-sensitized at a young age. My mother had me watch IT when I was only 4 years old. My mother tells me all the time how I loved the film as a child and thought Pennywise was hilarious. I don't know many four-year-olds who thought Pennywise was hilarious. Apparently, I liked him a lot and would even request to watch the film.

But my favorite thing as far as horror is concerned is the fact that my mother chose a babysitter for me who also shared a love of horror. I had a babysitter named Jillian who LOVED horror films. She would come over to watch me for the evening while my parents went out galavanting and she would come over with bundles of horror films. While most parents would probably freak out, my mom encouraged it! We even had a night where all the neighborhood kids came by and we watched Sleepaway Camp. Weirdly enough, while the other kids freaked out at the boiling body and the bee covered face...I freaked out when the screen turned to green at the end credits. Knowing it would scare us sheetless, it lead to an up all night party of ghost stories shared by not only the children and the babysitter...but my parents as well.

So thank you Mommy, for all that you have done for me. You put up with me for almost 19 years and I love you tons! When it really comes down to it, without you...this blog wouldn't be possible. CAN WE GET A HAND FOR MY MOMMA?!

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B-Sol said...

Wow, very nice. Um...your parents win! It's awesome to see the kinds of formative experiences that have made us into the miscreants we are today, isn't it? God bless the horror-loving parents out there.

Oh, and I wouldn't call it "stealing" ideas--in the marketing industry it's known as "synergy" ;-)

John said...

Good post. My own mother can't stand horror films, but once in a while she'll sit through Halloween or something. Though that's mostly because it's not gory.

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