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After working with B-Sol yesterday on Horror's Greatest Hits, I've become inspired to make a list of my absolute favorite scenes from horror flicks. Some are random, some are musical, some ironic, and some are just iconic. So here's a list of my PERSONAL favorite scenes.

19) I wouldn't recommend blinking...
I'm really bad when it comes to eye harm. I can't help it, but it truly freaks me out. I get really uneasy and squirm around. This scene is no exception.

18) What the Penis?
So not only do you discover the killer of the film, but you also find out that...SHE'S GOT A PENIS! Insane, but I love her/his animalistic growl.

17) Do it how you wanna, slow it up, DO THE MATRIX
Putting Keanu Reeves to shame since the '70s, Linda Blair's spiderwalk scene has freaked out millions--and freaks out plenty of my friends when I re-create it at parties.

16) It's All For You, Damien...
Good Lord. I hate killer kids, they freak me out, they give me nightmares, they just... OY. Damien doesn't even have to touch a person to make them die... blech.

15) Nancy's Nightmare
Who doesn't sit in class and have strange daydreams of your dead friend in a body bag? Oh you don't? Well that's too bad, that's probably why you've never starred in a movie or dated Johnny Depp.

14) Carrie White's Sister Rachel Takes Revenge

You know how you're taught not to pick on the crazy kids? Well.. Exhibit A. One of the craziest scenes I've ever seen on film. Great deaths, interesting kills and Sue Snell finally gets what her ass deserved in the first film.

With a movie like Shaun of the Dead--which has a THOUSAND scenes to choose from--I had to choose one of my favorites that doesn't get enough credit.

12) Fricken Lasers!
The Resident Evil series gets a ton of crap, for whatever reason. But the scene where the agents are trapped in the hallway of bitch lasers... is out of this world. I saw this film in theaters, and this scene had people SCREAMING.

11) Shot Through the Heart, and You're to Blame
Okay, so that title was just an excuse to make a Bon Jovi reference, but who can forget the haunting image of a fully exposed heart being stabbed, or that terrifying face-through-the-glass nonsense?

10) Eye Scream for Zombies!

Yeah, I'm getting a little out of hand with the stupid puns today... Speaking of faces going through glass, how about a face going through a wooden splinter? I'm uneasy with any eye scene, but this takes the cake.

09) Thankyou Max, for that MAAAHVELOUS introduction
As a theatre major...I'll admit I am a Bette Midler fangirl. Face it... she's the shit. While I could put on her amazing rendition of "The Rose", she won me over with this classic.

08) Do You Ever Wonder About All the Different Ways of Dying?
And on the 8th day, God made Linnea Quigley. Put on this earth to jump-start puberty in little horror fans all across the world. This infamous scene makes any girl question their sexuality.

07) That's Tough Titty, Kid
Sorry Rick Moranis, but your scrawny self doesn't really have a good shot against a man-eating plant who sings soul and can spawn his own choir of singing killer plants. Especially one with a sailor mouth...

06) We're Going To Have A Little Contest...
Even with there being dead children and limbs all up in this pool, this scene from Let the Right One In haunted me for days. You get so sidetracked watching them die, you forget...HE'S BEEN UNDERWATER FOR LIKE 2 MINUTES! Regardless....stunning.

05) Stop Hitting Yourself, Stop Hitting Yourself!

Oh Bruce my love, how brave of thee to chop off your own demented hand. Sounds like something out of the SAW series. Stupid Jigsaw...GET YOUR OWN MATERIAL!

Okay, be honest, this list wouldn't be complete without the dull boy himself. Jack Nicholson doing his best Ed McMahon impression has inspired more spoofs and re-creations than almost any other horror scene.

03) Sorry, We Don't Usually Allow Strangers
I seriously can't even hear the song anymore without thinking of this scene. Then again, bitch denied them a phone in a "life or death situation". Damn those white jumpsuits and prosthetic noses...terrifying.

02) Would You Like to Be My Friend?
Poor little girl. If only she had a few more flowers... but if that was the case, we wouldn't have this amazing scene. It's so pure and innocent... until we realize she doesn't float like a daisy.

01) There's No Knowing Where We're Rowing.
I don't care if this is supposed to be a kid's movie or not. This scene is fucking terrifying. It's psychedelic, it's violent, and Gene Wilder's creepy chant gave me nightmares. Sorry Johnny Depp, but you don't have anything on this...

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B-Movie Becky said...

Nice compilation. The spiderwalk scene was unfortunately not on the original, theatrical cut of The Exorcist, but its probably the most famous deleted scene in history!

Anonymous said...

Ha! There's no knowing where we're rowing, I love that bit! Have you seen this? Christopher Lloyd as killer Willy Wonka!

Ms Harker

Wes Fierce said...

this list is strictly awesome

B-Sol said...

Oh god, that first Argento clip. I can remember that image on a Fangoria cover as a kid. Talk about scarred for life!!
Great, understated scene from Shaun of the Dead.
Linnea--nuff said.
And that moment from LTROI is so cathartic--one of the all-time "jump out of your seat and cheer" scenes ever, right up there with Darth Vader shot-putting the Emperor.
An outstanding list.

Becky said...

For future reference, I L-O-V-E love your Hocus Pocus mention, especially the Bette Midler love. It was one of my absolute favorite movies as a kid and I'm not ashamed to say that I watched it last weekend as a 21 year old girl. It's just too good. Did anyone else have a crush on Zachary Binks?

BJ Colangelo said...

It's actually Thackery...I was that much of a creep I looked it up. But I was all about Billy Butcherton, I have no idea why. Something about zombie guys with awesome hair.

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