Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Newest Obsession: Dead Meat

Okay, so the title of his entry has absolutely nothing to do with the poor thing I hit on the way to my 8am...okay, so maybe its a coincidence but who cares! I am really excited for this entry :)

My newest obsession right now is this blog I stumbled upon called Dead Meat. It's a blog written by Chris and Patrick Williams; two die-hard horror freaks that have given us a really cool play by play blog about a zombie outbreak in the town of River's Edge.

What I love the most about it, is that not only is there a blog, but there is a River's Edge dispatch page which serves as sort of a manual for not only the blog, but also the world in which the blog is written in. The brother team have compared it to "the behind the scenes feature of your favorite DVD" and that's exactly what it is. There's everything on it from why certain language is used to the classification and scientific breakdown of the River's Edge Zombies. Clever enough, they've let the stronger of the two "write" the ongoing tale, but the other brother takes a large part in editing, the dispatch page, and chipping in ideas.

So about the actual blog. Any joe-schmo can write us a Zombie fiction that is nothing more than over processed Romero references vomited through a high school literacy level filled with nothing more than blood, guts, and death. However, it takes REAL talent to give us a zombie tale that is intriguing, entertaining, and ultimately...REAL.

The tale is told from the eyes of Gavin. So far, another main character has been brought in, Benny. With the aid of radio broadcasts and news articles, we witness the destruction of River's Edge and the lives of its inhabitants.

The dialogue in this ongoing story is fabulous. It's very clever and very sharp. So far, my favorite post has to do with Gavin and Benny arguing about Keanu Reeves and how awesome he was as Theodore Logan. For someone to even MENTION a character from Bill & Ted is enough to string me along.

The brothers post a new entry every weekend and I tell you, it's compelling stuff. So don't be a "fuckwad" as Benny may say, and CHECK IT OUT!

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