Thursday, May 28, 2009

Exclusive Excerpt from Chapter 9 of DEAD MEAT.

If you didn't see my review of the blog, it's HERE.

"So about the actual blog. Any joe-schmo can write us a Zombie fiction that is nothing more than over processed Romero references vomited through a high school literacy level filled with nothing more than blood, guts, and death. However, it takes REAL talent to give us a zombie tale that is intriguing, entertaining, and ultimately...REAL.

I've befriended the authors and they have given me permission to put up exclusive exerpts from upcoming chapters, I've got one for you here today! So check out their blog at

Exclusive excerpt from Dead Meat’s ninth chapter titled “Controversy, Cattle Prods and a Handle of Beam”

“Maverick here, on 88.5 FM, filling in for. . .well, everyone. I guess we have ‘The Underground
Sound’ running till I pass out from dehydration, starvation, and any other –ation that may come
my way, ha!

“But no, seriously folks, we’re gonna run the show as much as we can, primarily for rational
reasons. What’s the point of having a radio station if you have no hosts? So, I, being the sultan of
awesomeness, have sacrificed my spare time and ultimate bachelor status—it’s hard to get a hot
date when you’re in a cramped studio sweating like a pig in heat—to bring you some form of
entertainment. God knows, we need something to ridicule around here.

“So, I’m still not sure as to what exactly is going on here in our backwoods town, but I do know
that I still have some diseased pricks wandering around my humble sanctuary and dodging in andout of the little patch of woods we have on the lot. Hell, they remind me of squirrels—making
grinding noises and scurrying around trees—I’m just waiting for one to walk out in the street to
get KAPOWED! by car. Friggin’ pricks. I say give me a cattle-prod and a handle of Beam and
I’ll solve this little problem we have, ha ha!

“Can you imagine that? Your local Maverick gallivanting around, shocking these douches while
getting hammered on Beam? Next thing you know, I’d probably wake up wrapped in a Persian
rug with no pants on and some duct tape and peaches next to me. Then, of course, I’d probably
go rabid and eat myself or something. What a way to go, man. I’m telling ya. . .”

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