Sunday, May 24, 2009

BITCH OF THE MONTH: Chris Hargensen

Post #2!!! Technically 2 & a half because sometime tonight, I'll have a guest post on The Vault of Horror...So since you people had to TIE for my features poll, I'm happy to announce that at the end of each month I will be bringing you the top BITCH. There's plenty of asshole men in cinema, but we women do it best. We're catty, ruthless, and down right cruel. So to start things off, I included one of the absolute Queen Bitches: Christine (Chris) Hargensen of Carrie.

Chris is that perfectly pretty, perfectly blonde, and perfectly bitchy high school girl we all know and love. Using sex as a weapon and her complete disrespect for authority-she ruled the school. She initiated the torturing of Carrie White in the shower by throwing tampons and pads while uttering the famous PLUG IT UP lines. I wish that the film was as vulgar as the novel. Cause she used my favorite insult alot "Cock Sucker" :) After Ms. Collins ordered all the girls to participate in her own personal detention, Chris rebelled the only way she knew bitching. She refused to do the exercises, complained the entire time, and mouthed off to the point where she got pimp-smacked by the gym teacher. Holla for the 70's where that's totally legal.

Chris convinces her boyfriend Billy Nolan (by means of road head) to help her destroy Carrie White's life at prom. He kills the pig, buckets the blood, and rigs up the bucket above the prom. She's even the little twat mongrel who pulls the rope when Carrie is crowned Queen. Such a BS move, but you gotta admit, that idea was golden. I mean who thinks of dumping blood on someone that they once told to "Plug it up". Carrie gets her revenge though, Chris and Billy may have escaped the prom, but Carrie flips and blows up their car. Serves em right!

So There you have it. The Queen of the Bitches. The Bitchiest of the Bitches. This whole film was full of asshole girls, but Chris is a master of destroying high school girls. We Love to hate her, and love to watch her burn, but without her...We wouldn't have Carrie. Without her pulling that rope, Carrie never would have snapped, and the film would have been nothing more than a crazy religious mother and a kid getting knocked off a bike. So thank-you Nancy Allen for being a super skank and a total bitch :)

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B-Sol said...

Wow, it's gonna be hard to top this Bitch of the Month. Chrissy is definitely a heavy hitter! But I think she got her just desserts when she had to show up ten years later as Robocop's dykey sidekick :-)

Chris hater said...

You make me sick with your interest in Chris Hargensen. She deserves to die 'cause she's a bully. And I hate bullies for what they've done and do. Hell, I've been bullied a lot and I hated it.

Chris NEVER makes Carrie interesting to me. And that's why it makes me pleased that Carrie killed her.

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