Friday, May 1, 2009

BBC is gonna sue someone's ass...

Unless you're hiding out in the batcave or a safe room somewhere, I'm sure you've seen the tons of pictures and stories about the swine flu. Of course, our little horror fanatic sub-culture has its speculations that this swine flu is just the breeding grounds for ZOMBISM, but someone has completely outdone themselves.

I was Twitter-stalking LostZombies, and notices a link about the swine flu being proven to cause zombie-like behavior. Looking pretty legit, I went to the site, only to be terrified by reports that this swine flu is mutating and causing the heart to restart for up to two hours after the body has passed. A combination of chemicals and brain damage was reporting to be causing these undead darlings to react with extremely violent behavior. There was even an account of a child lunging at a mother.

The site is IDENTICAL to BBC. Needless to say, I x-posted the link to my Facebook. Only to put a ton of people into a frenzy. Now, Ill admit that this is a damn good prank because it fooled a ton of people. However, with this being an "international crisis" and with there not being all that much information about this epidemic, it scared the fuck out of my friends. It fooled me, and I got mega pumped knowing that in this survival game, I'd have a HUGE advantage. I'd finally get to put that cricket bat to use! Alas, it was fake. However, making it look like the BBC's site is gonna get someone in trouble...

For the original link. CLICK HERE

Still got my fingers crossed for rage virus!

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Anonymous said...

Link no worky. The BBC gestapo must have already put the smack down. Great idea for a gag though.

BTW, have you read this? Awesome and hilarious.

B-Sol said...

I'll just go on the record and admit to being totally fooled as well, War of the Worlds style, for about five minutes. Mainly thanks to your own gullibility, I might add.

Anonymous said...

This 'pandemic; situation is (over)ripe for these types of pranks and speculations. Our local indie book shop has the Zombie survival guide, I must go and buy it. However I have two staffordshire bull terriers, and you loose your Australian citizenship if there is not a cricket bat in the house. So I should be ok when the pig zombies come squealing in!

Ms Harker

Diana Yusuf said...

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