Sunday, April 12, 2009

Who needs Sheep when you've got Rabbits?!

HAPPY EASTER DotW readers!! While I may be completely perplexed in how a holiday centered around the resurrection of Jesus Christ has become a holiday identified by fluffy white cotton tails, multi-colored eggs, chocolate in the shape of farm animals, and pastel colored decorations; I am aware that it has totally changed the idea of rabbits being cute fluffy creatures.  This weekend I was a "child handler" for an Easter Bunny photo shoot.  Some children ran up to the giant bunny in open arms, and other children screamed and cried to the point where the picture couldn't be taken.  We even had a kid run out the door the second we put him near the bunny. I can't say that I blame them!  Think about it, the Easter bunny is a rabies infested rodent that leaves behind colored eggs in baskets filled with plastic grass. For some reason though, we welcome this sucker into our homes with open arms! In celebration of this holiday filled with all things sugar coated, I'm giving a few recommendation for films Easter/Rabbit inspired. :D

Donnie Darko. A film that is absolutely impossible to describe. It may not be one of the scariest films out there, and it has nothing to do with Easter, but that damn bunny is terrifying. The first time I saw that damn thing I knew I had to see the film. I had received mixed reviews from my friends [note: these were friends that thought Prom Night was scary] so I couldn't exactly trust their judgement. However, the film was extremely captivating and there is no way in hell I'm not picking up S. Darko the second I see it. By the way: "Tell me sis, how does one suck a fuck?"

Repulsion is another film with a rabbit represent
ing some symbolic mambo jambo. There is a rabbit, which was being prepared for dinner but never cooked. The rabbit sits in the corner of the room throughout the film with a straight razor also on the plate. As the film progresses, the rabbit begins to rot while first maggots and then flies feed on the carcass. It's a representation of the main character and how she's rotting away and such.

Easter Bunny, Kill, Kill! Well, the film title pretty much says it all now doesn't it?  This film is one of those little indie flicks that could.  You can't get a copy of it on DVD, but you can download it for only 3.99.  A friend of mine had it and made sure I watched it.  It's really entertaining, and for once we have an actual Easter Bunny gone mad.  No wonder children cry at photo shoots.  I mean, this isn't like Halloween or anything, but every holiday should have their slasher flick.  I mean even April Fool's Day got a movie slasher before Easter did!  Something doesn't seem right there.  You don't get April Fool's Day off from school, but Easter does.  Give and take I suppose...Plus, the tagline is 'Time to Dye"GET IT, LIKE DYING EASTER EGGS! Okay, you got it. 

Night of the Lepus...The killer rabbits of all killer rabbits.  A rancher is having some issues with his rabbits destroying the crop, so some zoologists come in and make an (untested) serum for disrupting the breeding cycle of rabbits. The daughter Amanda [one of the girls who does the obvious stupid decision...] is attached to the injected rabbit and takes it out of the lab and it gets away and breeds. The serum doesn't disrupt their breeding cycle, but does something worse: it causes the rabbits to become gigantic meat-eaters. When several people are slaughtered by the carnivorous carrot-munchers. Amazing? I think so.

  Peter Rottentail.  A play on a child's fairytale...with a vengeance.  Need I say more?

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B-Sol said...

Kind of a big stretch as a horror movie, but who can forget that poor bunny rabbit in Fatal Attraction. :-(

Andrew Connell said...


BJ-C said...

Alex Forrest herself is a nightmare. That poor bunny would have been mentioned if it woke out of the pot (fur boiled off and all) and ate Alex Forrest. :D

CRwM said...

Allegedly the bunny costume of DONNIE DARKO was inspired by "the Bunny Man," an urban legend that my older brother used to torment me with when we were growing up in Virginia. Wikipedia confirms the link, but I otherwise can't prove it.

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