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Welcome Back DotW readers! I hope you liked my little recommendations yesterday, keep coming back for another 25 every monday! Today however, we're doing my favorite day of the week, TERRIBLE POSTER TUESDAY!

This week, the poster is more of a personal feeling that it's terrible. I know a lot of people who like this poster, but I can't stand it. This is probably because I am a competitive baton twirler of fifteen years, and I was a majorette throughout my high school years and am now a feature twirler at my university. Everyone is so sidetracked by the sexy girl, that we fail to notice how awful it really is!

First of all, this poster portrays the Majorette as being the killer, when in reality, the majorettes were the victims of this film. I was hoping that when I bought this film I'd see a bunch of girls popping off the rubber ends of their batons and completely impaling people. However, watching my sisters in twirling get slayed wasn't exactly what I had pictured the film to be. The poster completely threw me off because I thought they were the killers. I still love the film, but the poster was definitely false advertising.

Second, the tagline...while corny and lovable, just isn't true. Siss, Boom, Bah or in this case, BLOOD, is associated with Cheerleaders. Majorettes are NOT cheerleaders. Don't even get me started on how frustrating it is to call a Majorette or even associate a Majorette with a cheerleader. While the film does include deaths of cheerleaders, it doesn't advertise that...so don't use a tagline that doesn't relate to Majorettes.

Third, you can BARELY see the baton. If you are promoting a film about majorettes, you might want to show the weapon of choice a little better. The focus of this image is definitely sexy girl and not baton as a weapon. Plus, that baton looks like a Q-Tip. I know it's the 80's but they had batons that didn't resemble Q-Tip's back then. That baton is a cheapass one you could get at the dollar tree.

Fourth, the blood on the face is very obvious that someone put a fake blood packet to the cheek and squeezed. It would have been better to douse a paintbrush and splattered it rather than give it that super fake look. I understand this film was done on a super low budget, but I'm sure they could have afforded one paintbrush or something. When is the last time you killed someone and blood looked that specific across the face? I also love how the blood magically doesn't touch the eyes whatsoever. It looks more like she was eating someone rather than killing someone. Oh wait, that's right, THE MAJORETTES WEREN'T THE KILLERS.

Fifth, her eyeliner is uneven. My specialty as far as stage makeup is concerned is the eyes, and to see uneven eye makeup drives me CRAZY. I understand that maybe if you're Paris Hilton and have that "one eye is always more open than the other" thing going on, then yes you can have uneven makeup. This girl, does not however.

Lastly, WHERE THE FUCK WAS THIS CHICK IN THE FILM?! All the girls in this film were totally 80's tastic with awful costumes and bad hair. However, this girl looks like she could be the long lost Kardashian child. No one in that film looked this sexy. No one had this modern of hair either....

The other poster that was created for this film (but much more unseen) captures what the film was all about. It isn't shown as often because it isn't seen as "sexy" or captivating as the other poster. While I understand why they chose the other one, I firmly believe they could have used the same chick covered in blood in the first poster and put her in the same situation as this poster. You get a good boob shot, some midriff and the possible start of an O-Face. This poster shows the Majorette in struggle rather than makes her out to be the killer. I like this one, SOOO MUCH better. Maybe using a different baton. That one isn't for twirling, that one is more for band leading...just saying.

So I know a ton of people actually love this poster, but I guess being a baton twirler makes me bias. I've said it before & I'll say it again, my blog...my rules :)

9 comment(s):

B-Sol said...

I still love this poster. So there.

BJ Colangelo said...

put 15 years of baton under your belt & then talk to me

B-Sol said...

That sounds painful.

BJ Colangelo said...

Solomon, I'll SHOW YOU painful.

Anonymous said...

1. I've never even heard of that movie before and now I'm compelled to track it down.

2. I thought the baton looked like a marshmellow on a stick.

B-Sol said...

Promise? :-)

Anonymous said...

The baton does look like a q-tip or some type of dildo, and the blood is like she had an accident with tomato soup and a hand blender! Just to complete my crassness Paris Hilton's eye is always half closed because she has jizz in it... I'm with you BJ-C, crap poster.

Ms Harker

Anonymous said...

nice girl

Unknown said...

Hi,it looks terrible.

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