Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sew What?

Have you ever had the issue where you have to buy a gift for a horror lover and had absolutely no idea what to get them?  Story of my life.  As well as being a mega horror fan, I'm also a "crafty" person.  My sophomore year of high school, I made a laptop case out of starburst wrappers, duct tape, and clear packaging tape.  I got so many compliments for it that people requested that I should make a dress out of it.  I sort of laughed off the idea and decided that I'd just buy a cute dress.  After four unsuccessful shopping trips, I had a plan...I was going to make my starburst dress. 6 hours and over a thousand wrappers later, I had my dress.  You can see a picture of it here. 
So enough of my trip back to yesteryear, and more about this post.  After I made the dress, I wanted to show it off so I found and joined the website Craftster.Org  This website has absolutely EVERYTHING you can imagine.  I even saw a wedding dress made from supplies at the dollar tree.  Anyways, whenever I get bored, I randomly search things I like.  Movies, Music, and of course, ZOMBIES.  I came across some really awesome things and just wanted to share you all some awesome gift ideas that some of these talented people have come up with.  

You can make your very own zombie survival kit!  Of course it is recommended that you don't use ACTUAL weapons, you never know what people will use those things for, but if you look you see fake grenades, knives, and a gun.  Personally, I would have included a boom stick rather than the typical ole' revolver, but a gun's a gun isn't it?  The site said the grenade even made a ticking sound when you pulled the pin which I think is pretty amazing.  Also included was a paper with "Zombie Emergency Procedure".  Not everyone is as worldly when it comes to zombie protection as us horror fans, so make sure to let your friends have knowledge as to AIM FOR THE HEAD. 

Okay, so I may have said that horror isn't pretty, but is!  If you have great eye sight [or the ability to ZOOM] on your computer, you will see that to the left of this text is a zombie movie bracelet.  HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT?!  I would pay mega dough to get my hands on that, but since I'm a broke as a joke college student, I'll settle for having to makeshift my own.  

I am not a huge fan of people that kill animals for sport, but killing zombies...that's another story.  Ace Ventura got to see his very own "room of the dead" filled with animal heads, so why not taxiderm your zombie memorabilia?  Take pride in your work ladies and gents.  Display your skill with pride!  What other way to display your work than mounting it on your wall!  It beats a Big Mouthed Billy Bass any day. 

Every little undead girl should have an undead doll in my opinion.  When I was really little, my dolls may have been missing limbs, clothing, and had frayed out hair, but I NEVER had a doll this cool.  It may be a little bit morbid, but if you kids can handle it, I say go for it.  Nothing a little scissors and paint can't do to a doll to make her look straight out of a Romero flick.  Give your brother's GI Joes something to freak out about.  Make the neighbor boy's plastic snake tremble in fear.  Give your girl a reason to be the toughest kid on the block with her very own undead doll :)

So, I'm ending this little post with probably the classiest of all the zombified "make-you-own" gifts.  What better way to have a fancy party than to have undead wine glass charms!  Ignore the plastic palm trees, laugh in the face of pink daiquiri charms, and show off your superior film tastes with undead wine glass charms.

For more ideas, more pictures, and directions on how to do most of these gifts...check out....


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CSY said...

I think I'm gonna make my new niece an undead sister would LOVE it! thanks for the ideas! BTW...Hubby and I watched a bit of Zombie Strippers on TV last night. They blurred out the good parts, so we're going this weekend to see if we can find it to rent somewhere. If not, we'll have to scour FSU for a copy.

Anonymous said...

I love the wine glass charms! They are fabulous!

Ms Harker

Anonymous said...

There's some pretty cool things in there. Wish my daughter would play with an undead Barbie. I tried to get her hooked on Living Dead Dolls but failed. Maybe I can find some good ideas through that site!

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