Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ouija...are you there?

So as a young little demon, I was a frequent sleepover attendee. At the oh-so-mature age of 12 years old, our adventures consisted of prank calling cute boys, doing "makeovers", hair braiding, watching "scary" movies, telling "scary" stories, playing light as a feather-stiff as a board, and of course, talking to the undead with our Ouija boards.

Ouija boards are essentially the toy version of the primitive "talking boards". These boards were used to communicate with the spirits of the undead by using an alphabet board guided by a planchette. While some mediums and many believers think that Ouija boards are extremely powerful tools in which to contact the dead, most people believe that its just a way for one asshole kid to move the planchette to scare everyone. Ouija boards are a huge part of our pop culture, even if you've never touched a board, you can easily detect what it is and what its about just by looking at it.

Michael Bay is even talking about a new movie surrounded entirely around a Ouija board. Now, while my heart will lay with the wooden boards with the scripted black letters, the Parker Brothers have come out with Glow In The Dark boards, and even a girlified Pink one. Maybe changing the colors makes the boards a little more of a game and less scary, but changing the color of something, cannot change its "power".

What's so cool about a Ouija board to me is how powerful it truly is. Some people are absolutely petrified of the boards. I have friends who won't touch one let alone be in the same room as people who are playing it. I have other friends who just laugh at it and see it as a waste of time. I however, truly believe in the power of the Ouija board [if you're playing with believers also, and not some jackass who's going to move the planchette]. The Ouija board is probably the most controversial toy on the market, and it has been that way for decades. It's a toy that my mother has reminiced with me about.

When I was about 11 years old, I went to a sleepover and we played with a Ouija board. It was at my friend Kelsey's house and we were on the second floor of her house who had the Amityville-like "eye" windows. I will never be able to forget the sight of that house even if I try. We were telling scary stories and reading those Alvin Schwartz's books Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark. So needless to say, we were a bunch of pre-pubescent girls hopped up on sugar and scary stories to begin with. We first played "light as a feather, stiff as a board." After getting Angie about 5 inches off the ground which we thought was probably 3 feet at the time, Paige whipped out a Ouija board. I will admit, I was a little skeptical. I liked horror movies, but this was REAL ghosts and demons I'd be working with. We started off with the usuals...

Ouija..are you there?
Will I Ever Marry Leonardo DiCaprio

"This is lame guys, we need to ask real questions, not ones we already know the answers to."
Who's board is this?

This is stupid, this is Paige's board

Woah...I didn't even ask a question.

It was then that we realized Angie was moving the planchette around just to scare us. So we tossed her butt out of the circle and we began again. I was a little terrified after I had just "spoken to Lucifer". See, the other girls had no idea who Lucifer was. We weren't very religious, and at this point. Sunday school had given us two options for names...Satan or The Devil.

Ouija...are you there?
Is there any spirits in this house?
How many?
Can one of them speak to us?
Who are we talking to?
How old are you?
Do you live here?
Whose room do you live in?
Which one is that?
Do you like Kelsey?
Why not?
What the heck?

The second we removed our hands from the planchette. The planchette raced across the board and pointed directly into Kelsey's closet. All of us raced as quickly as possible to our sleeping bags, turned the lights on, and hid under the covers. I have never been more terrified of something in my entire life. While It may have been another girl just pushing the planchette, or if it was real, it still scared me somethign wicked. It could have been a coincidence that the planchette pointed towards a closet, and very well could have slid across the board from the force of 8 little hands pulling off quickly at the same time. I'll probably never know, but I do know, that Kelsey moved into her baby sisters room maybe four days after that sleepover.

Is the Ouija board a real way to contact the dead? I'll never be able to fully prove it, but I will say Thankyou Ouija, for being a sleepover tradition the world over.

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Becky said...

Maybe I was just a gullible child too but I completely believe your story. My friend and I used to have "seances" in her basement. We were both convinced that we saw dark amorphus shapes moving around us. I will never forget how terrifying that was whether it was real or not.

PS-Props for the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark mention. Those books formed most of my childhood. I still remember a lot of the stories even as a 21 year old girl.

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