Monday, April 13, 2009

Theta Pi or Die!

Once upon a time [all the way back in 1983] there was a slasher flick called The House on Sorority Row. It was super low budget, but became a cult hit. Not to mention, had a cast just as foxy as the VHS box art. The story concerns seven sorority sisters who want to have a graduation party but the house mother refuses to let them have it. On the day of their planned party, the girls decide to play a joke on the housemother that results in her being shot. They hide her body in the sorority's gross swimming pool, but that evening as the party begins, someone starts killing off the sisters one by one. The film shows the killer to be the housemother's mentally unstable and mildly deformed son as the killer taking revenge for his mother's death. AWESOME. This is the film that spawned flicks like I Know What You Did Last Summer and Jawbreaker. You know, prank goes wrong, someone dies, keep it a secret, and it backfires miserably.

As most of you know, there's a remake coming out. I'll be one to say, I've seen the trailer, and it doesn't, like, suck. Obviously they've taken some liberties, but it looks pretty good. For a film totally centered around females [not to mention almost my entire dorm floor is Greek] I'll be sure to check it out. Did I include how sexy this cast is? Two words: Briana Evigan. She's that super hot "Sophia Bush in training" look-a-like from Step Up 2: The Streets. You know that hot, stupid, bitch from the Hills? Yeah, Audrina Patridge is in it too. Apparently dies off quickly which is even more of a plus :D I'm also pretty pumped because there's going to be a ton of "boobs to kill" I can just sense it!!! Oh yeah, and CARRIE FISHER is in this So check out the trailer here for yourself.

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B-Movie Becky said...

Can't wait for the remake. I hope it's not DTV.

BJ Colangelo said...

Amen, the trailer did it's job, I'm hooked.

Anonymous said...

Love the eighties poster! I think what is going to make the reinvented 'Sorority House' stand out will be Carrie Fisher, Leia packing heat is always a good thing!

Ms Harker

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