Monday, April 20, 2009

No Title...Just Awesomeness

Another little known fact about myself is that I am a competitive baton twirler. I have been since I was 4 years old. My team recently took gold in the World competition in Belgium in its respective division. I am a part of a "Haunted House" routine filled with the "Monster Mash" and songs like that. We have backdrops, costume changes, props and dramatic portrayals of characters. My character is a "mistress of the night" horror host character. [If you look above, I'm that large red blob. I promise I don't really look like the cherry version of Violet Bauregarde in real life...] Plus, we found this AWESOME song called "Vampires Are Alive" by DJ BoBo. I've included the video. Enjoy :)

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B-Sol said...

Post that DVD online! Your public demands it!

RoaOC said...

Another little known fact about myself is that I am a competitive baton twirler.
I have to admit, when I first read this statement, I had severely inappropriate thoughts. I apologize for that. Seriously, is their video of this alleged skill? As I am not a competitive anything, really, I have mad respect for people who have any kind of competitive skill.

BJ-C said...

I am still trying to find a way to get my dvd to my computer. when that happens, i assure you I will post it up here. This isn't any parade twirlers either, this is actual skill. I twirl for my college too :)

Becky said...

Have you ever heard of Aimachi? They're a colorguard from Japan but they have a kick-ass baton line. They completely took everyone's collective breath away at the 2004 WGI Grand Championships in San Diego. They're just crazy good. Check 'em out.

PS-I respect the baton skills. I spun rifle, flag and sabre the entirety of my school career and I know how hard it is.

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