Thursday, April 16, 2009

DAY OF THE WOMAN PRESENTS: An Interview with a PA for Drag Me To Hell!

How's it Hanging DotW Readers? So I have for you here, a special treat :).  My good friend Anthony Bosco, an aspiring filmmaker nabbed himself an internship/production assistant gig on on an upcoming movie.  It's by some little known horror director Sam Raimi, you know....nothing huge or anything...PSYCHE! That's right, my high school managed to weasel out not just a fab horror blogger *bats eyelashes* but also someone who is starting to make some amazing connections for himself amongst the film community.  Now yes, this is an interview with a boy, but come on...IT'S A FRIGGEN SAM RAIMI FILM.  Now, some other blogs talk about how they got an interview with the actual director or big named stars, but what about those kids working their way to the top?  Everyone's got to start somewhere and I have what could be the next big film maker someday :)


DotW: How did you nab the production assistant gig?

AB: Well pretty much I started out as an office intern, then I worked on set as a PA for two weeks. And now i've become great friends with all of them!

DotW: What exactly was your job?

AB: PA does every and anything to keep the shoot going as smooth as possible. Setting up story boards, Getting people to be quiet before shooting, getting the actors from their trailers to set, Getting drinks for people etc.

DotW: What part of production were you on set for?

AB: Re-shoots for the movie Drag Me To Hell started right after Christmas, and lasted two weeks. 

DotW: Only two weeks? Wow! Who all did you work under?

AB:I interned under the wings of Sam Raimi, Bob Murawski, Joe Virzi, and Sean Valla.

DotW: That's so impressive! I'm incredibly jealous! Any other big names you can drop?

AB: I met Justin Long, Johnny Depp, Alison Lohman, Lorna Raver, Gore Verbinski, and Paul Greengrass

DotW: Woah! Wait...Johnny Depp is in this?!?!

AB: No he is not in the movie, he just came by to say hello.

DotW: Man, you had me all excited there for a second, any other fun celebrity ties?

AB: I did some stand in work for some scenes for Justin Long. 

DotW: That's really awesome! Living the dream! How was working with Raimi?

AB: It was great, ever since I moved here [Los Angelos] back in October, he has treated me as his own. It's awesome, great great man. That goes for all of them. 

DotW: Is this film anything like his Evil Dead masterpieces?

AB: Kind of but not really. This story is about a girl that gets cursed, where as in The Evil Dead there was the book of the dead. Camera shots are close though. Its Sam Raimi style for sure.

DotW: Well thank-you so much for you time Bosco, keep in touch and I can't wait to see the film!

AB: Anytime! Hey, we never got our coffee!


For more info on Anthony Bosco and his work, or if you have questions of your own for him, you can contact him here

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B-Sol said...

Is it irresponsible of me to say that I would give up my established white collar job to take this guy's gig in a second??

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