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So, it seems that my featured items tend to get me the most responses from you fine folks, so I've decided to ask YOU, (yes you with the porn minimized behind this screen) what kind of features you'd like to see on this here blog. I've come up with a few choices, but as always, I'm open to recommendations!! Don't like what I gotta offer? Comment or email me at

BITCH OF THE MONTH: It's those characters you love to hate, and hate to love. The ones that you can't wait to be killed off but know they always have the best lines. The ones that drive you up the wall but no matter how douchebaggy they are, you can't forget them. If chosen, each month I will spotlight a bitch character in a horror film and remind us all of how much they suck.

HORROR HUNKS: For a blog dedicated to women, I don't do an awful lot of talking about the men we drool after. Hey, not every guy in a horror film has to yield a weapon. Sometimes they're the right hand man to the final girl, and sometimes they're killed off before we've even really gotten to know them. Every so often, I'll feature one of these heartthrobs and make our panties feel tighter after admiring these studs.

WOAH THAT'S HEAVY- HOT BUTTON HORROR TOPICS: I've touched mildly on this subject before. I've done specials on rape in horror films as well as religion in horror. Sometimes, the reason films are so scary because of how easily identifiable the situations in the films really are. Every once in a while I'll bring up a topic that seems....unsettling. Maybe films that kill off children or Buffalo Bill type people, you know...weird shit.

THE ULTIMATE BRUCE CAMPBELL DEDICATION SERIES: I'm sure you've noticed by now, I have an unhealthy obsession with Bruce Campbell. He is by far my favorite actor, not to mention my "taped to the ceiling" material since I was old enough to know what the tingly feeling he gave me meant. I'll post randomly different reasons as to why Bruce Campbell is THE MAN.

WHAT IF ____ HAD BEEN A WOMAN?: Think about the classics; Dracula, The Wolf Man, Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Swamp Thing, Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, GODZILLA?! All males. Every last one of them. What if they were women? How different would it have been if Michelle Myer's mask had been a Nancy Ragean one spray painted white? What if the Wolfwoman actually styled her fur? What if Freddy Kruegar had been a Francine and had blood red paint at the end of her razor nails? The world may never know...unless I have something to say about it!

SPOTLIGHTING HORROR WOMEN IN THE BIZ: There's a million and one horror actresses out there, but what about the women behind the scenes? Did you know that the director of Pet Sematary, one of the BEST Stephen King adaptations was a woman? Didn't think so. Her name is Mary Lambert & she's pictured left BTW. We do an awful lot of discussion about women on the screen, but what about those ladies off screen? I'll showcase women of all labels from Directors, Screenwriters, Makeup Artists, Special Effect Coordinators, and all other sorts. Can't have a film without them!

KELLY'S CORNER: I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for this fine lady. My mother (pictured as Garth on my sidebar alongside my daddy) is the first person to introduce me to the horror genre. Showing me IT at the age of four and expressing the same love affair of Robert Englund. Every once in a while I'll take in questions for people to ask my mom about "raising" a horror fanatic, or how watching films in the past are different from now or I don't know. You be the questionaires :)

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The Vicar of VHS said...

No fair! There's no "all of the above" option! ;)

I just can't pick. They all seem like great ideas to me. I say try 'em out and see what sticks!

(Love the blog, btw)

Anonymous said...

I always like hotbutton topics because, why else? Horror movies are meant to shock and disturb and make people feel icky.

What about a section that spotlights scream queens? Every decade has a few and there are some well-known (obviously) and some not so well known actresses.

Soap Magic said...

I agree with The Vicar that all of these are very interesting, and that you should try all of them out. I mean, it's hard to narrow it down to just one feature.

The features that I'm really, really interested in are:

Bitch of the Month
Hot Button Horror Topics
Spotlighting Horror Women In The Biz
Kelly's Corner

Ooo, I have an idea! How about you do a Top 20 Hottest MEN in Horror? I like this idea better than Horror Hunks.

I never thought this blog could get any more entertaining. I am so looking forward to these! :D

B-Sol said...

Hmmm...never realized how much Buffalo Bill resembled Jon Bon Jovi circa 1987.....

Anonymous said...

I'd like to hear more about the women behind the scenes. All the buzz is about the people in front of the cameras but alot of those great movies wouldn't be so great without those that helped create it.

I'd also be interested to hear your mother's opinion of some horror flicks. She must be a huge fan to have inspired you and it would be cool to get a monthly back and forth between the two of you discussing a film.

And had Godzilla been female I'd love to hear what she would be doing! HAHA!

gord said...

I voted for Bitch of the Month but I'd be really interested in reading something from Kelly's Corner as well. Not to mention the latter might appear more frequently than monthly too...

Anonymous said...

I voted bitch of the month, however I am also interested about women in the horror biz!

Ms Harker

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