Monday, March 2, 2009

Woman of The Week: Christina Ricci

Hello there interweb! Sorry I missed posting yesterday, college campus wireless internet works about as many times as you can fold a paper. [that means no more than 7 times...] Have no fear, The Woman of the Week is here!!!

This week I will be paying tribute to one of my
 absolute favorite actresses of all time, not to mention a pretty nice horror actress. It takes a real strength to transform from a child actress to a leading lady.  For me, one of the first films I ever watched her perform in was The Addams Family.  While The Addams Family isn't exactly a "horror" movie, it's still very dark for a family film. As a child who loved horror films, I wanted nothing more than to be Wednesday Addams. I used to braid my long dark hair and pretend to be here. Wednesday Addams is a very familiar character especially when the theme song to the shows/movies is one of the most recognizable them so
ngs of all time. She may not have been a creepy kid killer, but she scared straight-lace parents pretty well. As well as gave a character for all the twisted little girls of my generation someone to identify with. 

After The Addams Family, Ricci got herself involved with another film that wasn't exactly a "horror" film, more like a dark family film.  Ricci brings back the dark hair, pale skin, and huge eyes look for her role in Casper.  I loved her portrayal of Kat Harvey. She befriends a ghost and is even living amongst other spirits in her home.  She experiments with reincarnation and for a family film, that's a little creepy if you really think about it.  Christina Ricci has this very distinct look about her that makes her naturally look scary. Maybe we haven't ever been able to wash the face of Wednesday Addams out of our minds, but she just LOOKS like a horror girl.  

When I first saw the ad for Tim Burton's production of Sleepy Hollow with a long haired, BLONDE Christina Ricci, I'm pretty sure my heart dropped into my stomach. I couldn't believe that my treasured idol was now blonde.  After I saw the film which gave me a bit of a fright actually, I enjoyed her performance. While she may not have been a "scary" role, she was believably scared which is good enough for me.  
She took a turn for the "worse" as far as the horror genre is concerned when she played Cheri Post in Bless the Child. A film that had potential to be wonderful, but just downright flopped. She brought back her dark locks which made me extremely happy, but the film itself was just bad.  She did a handful of indie flicks before getting disgusting for her role as the lesbian lover in Monster about the female serial killer Aileen Wuornos. Not necessarily a horror film, but pretty gritty nonetheless.  

She started to redeem herself in the horror world by her role in the werewolf flick Cursed. An underrated film in my opinion; she must kill a werewolf before she herself becomes one.  There aren't enough werewolf films in my opinion, and this one was enjoyable for me. That is, if you can pretend Shannon Elizabeth isn't a part of it :) The movie gets a lot of crap and critics weren't exactly pleased with it.  I however, enjoyed myself. Maybe it's because she had long dark hair and I'm bias....regardless...

She's currently in production of a film entitled After.Life, which I'm hoping will be the HUGE reboot to horror as far as Ricci is concerned.  We will have to see. Whether you agree if she is deserving or not of being a "horror" icon, I believe she is.  The Addams Family, and Casper may not have been the bloodiest, goriest, or scariest films, but they are both iconic in the world of dark films, and I feel that credit should be given where it's due. 

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Anonymous said...

She has a very vamp look to her and I can never decide if she's attractive or not. But I've still got a crush on her anyway. I think once she was in The Addams Family, she cemented her role as a goth horror queen in my books.

BJ Colangelo said...

i find her breathtaking, there's something about her that keeps me staring. check out her indie flick "pumpkin" one of my favorites. not a horror one, but a pretty good movie nonetheless.

Unknown said...

Even I can see that she's beautiful, Addams Family Values is a horror film. When she threatens to set that cheerleader alight = creepy.

Anonymous said...

The Goddess of Doom

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