Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WOMAN OF THE WEEK: Allison Hayes

She was one of the most beautiful women to ever grace the silver screen, and one of the most prominent in the B-Movie and Horror genre.  Born as Mary Jane, Allison was a former Miss District of Columbia, Allison Hayes was a woman who's life was taken too soon.  She died of lead poisoning in  1977 at only the young age of 46.  She was a gifted pianist and almost sought a career as a concert pianist, however it was when she represented Washingon D.C. in the 1949 Miss America Pageant that she was given a taste of the movies.  She was the epitome of a Scream Queen for the 1950's film sirens.  

She may have starred in low-budget B movies, but there was nothing Low, nor B-leveled of her talent.  Allison Hayes was exquisite in every performance and almost always starred opposing a strong male lead, but she could hold her own. 

Her first dabble in the horror industry was her role as Livia in the 1956 film The Undead. She was able to transform throughout the film which was a first for a siren to do.  She then played a woman experimenting with voodoo in 1957's The Disembodied. I mean, who really wants to go through a divorce when you could just use black magic to kill your husband?  

Some of her other works were [all brilliant] The Hypnotic Eye, The Unearthly, Zombies of Mora Tau (gotta pay homage to that bra...), and The Crawling Hand.   Allison has one of the most memorable screams.  The one she lets out in ZOMT, (which lasts foreeeeeeever) is also heard in Frankenstein's Daughter and Missile to the Moon. So whenever you hear a scream that you think you've heard before...chances are, you have.

It was however that infamous role in Attack of the 50 Foot Woman that gets her such notoriety.  The film was stunning, as well as Allison, but the idea of 50 foot women is a concept that we still see in films even today.  Even the iconic scenes of the film have been replicated in other "giant" films like Disney's Honey I Blew Up The Kid" or of course the re-make starring Daryl Hannah.  We even see Reese Witherspoon in gigantic proportions in the kids flick Monsters Vs. Aliens.    

Allison Hayes brought a certain level of class to the celluloid.  An incredible talent, a kind heart, and an undeniable beauty.  She completely exudes everything it takes to be a Scream Queen.  

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B-Sol said...

Allison Hayes is smolderingly hot in Zombies of Mora Tau, so much more interesting than the so-called "good girl" character in that movie!

BJ Colangelo said...

Oh I know. She makes me question my sexuality.

hungeryjack said...

Nice post - Allison Hayes ..Keep Posting

Allison Hayes

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