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Happy Wednesday! Lately there has been a ton of buzz surrounding the new A Nightmare on Elm Street remake. While I was at first skeptical of remaking such a classic film, I will admit it will be nice to see Freddy Krueger scary again. Where there is absolutely no doubt that Robert Englund IS Freddy Krueger, I'm more concerned on who is going to play the infamous final girl that is Nancy Thompson...

While Nancy wasn't a brilliant actress, nor was she a hot commodity, if the re-make wants to be taken at least seriously, they have to do a great job. I personally think it's harder to remake such an iconic film, because people already have exactly what they want set up in their minds. So if this new actress isn't going to stack up to Nancy, we won't want care about the film.

A lot of hype is being told that Lindsay Lohan is going to star as Nancy. I however do not think that the producers are that stupid. Lindsay Lohan has little to no respect in the film industry, let alone the horror industry where they [sometimes literally] rip you apart for one bad film. If anything, pray that she's Tina so she dies within the first couple of scenes.

I'm here to talk about the actresses that I would be accepting as Nancy, but not necessarily thrilled. No one is Heather Langenkamp. I had an extremely hard time trying to find girls to play the role of Nancy, because it seemed that everyone was either too old or didn't have enough experience. There may be actresses you don't necessarily agree with but hey, they have to be a high schooler.

Option 1: Martha MacIsaac
She may be Becca from Superbad, but every film she's done after has been either a horror or a thriller. Plus she nabbed a spot in the remake of The Last House On The Left. I obviously haven't seen the remake yet, but if she does it some justice, I'll be completely acceptable of her playing Nancy. The thing I like most about her is that she can be believeable as a high school student. There's nothing worse than putting someone who doesn't look like they're still in high school...IN a high school setting. She can also have curly hair like Nancy, which I feel was very iconic for her. So, it's not as far of a stretch like Scout Taylor-Compton was to Jamie Lee Curtis.

Option 2: Zena Grey
Honestly, when composing this list, I tried to think of some of my favorite actresses who were about my age, or kid actresses from when I was younger and did sort of a "where are they now?" research project. Zena Grey starred in one of my favorite kid movies Max Keeble's Big Move as an independent clarinet playing little girl. I loved her, she had a killer scream, and she was badass for a twelve year old. When I looked up where she was I discovered, hey, she's the hot red-head from the new Wes Craven film! If she's good enough to handle one of his films, she's okay by me to do another. Might have to lose the red-head look, just wouldn't be right.

Option 3: Alyson Stoner
Most people are probably reading this and saying, "who the hell is Alyson Stoner?" She's better known for her roles in Cheaper By The Dozen, playing roles in every show from Disney & Nickelodeon, and not to mention, she's that 10 year old hip-hop dancer from the Missy Elliot videos. Well, she's all grown up now, and time to take grown-up roles. I think this little runt has the potential to be something big. When she's not all dolled up in makeup, she has the most expressive eyes I've ever seen. She's very good at acting strong, but even better at acting scared. Sounds crazy, but watch an episode of her younger shows where she's "hurt" and she'll make you want to cry. I'd like to see what she can do now that she's lost the pigtails and straight bangs.

Option 4: Melissa McIntyre
Now, I will admit that being only 18 years old, I'm allowed to have some guilty pleasures that are a bit....embarrassing. I'm absolutely addicted to the "teen drama" Degrassi: The Next Generation on Nickelodeon's teen network The-N {formally noggin} This show is actually filled with some incredibly talented young actors and actresses. One of my favorite characters is Ashley Kerwin because she is very very good at playing the lost soul of the group. I think she could believably pull off Nancy. She is Canadian however, so we might have to shake the accent.

Well, there you have it. my 4 options for Nancy Thompson, just because I only posted these four doesn't mean I don't believe someone else could jump in and do it justice. I'm just giving an alternate approach to the role instead of all the Amanda Seyfried and Lindsay Lohan rumors. Regardless, we're trying to re-do a classic, and no one can do it the way the original was done...

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hagiblog said...

Yet another movie where there's no point to remake it. You'll never top the original. God, I hope they put more thought behind this than they did with Friday the 13th.

BJ-C said...

Friday didn't disappoint me as much as I thought it would. I guess they're trying to draw in a wider generation. I'm only 18 years old and when I even mention some of the horror movies I have on my top 10 list to my friends, they've never even heard of it. It makes sense money-wise to re-spark the flame of slasher films. A good percent of the time people know who jason, freddy, or michael are, but haven't seen all of their movies.

to us horror fanatics, they're horrible. but to first time viewers, they seem to enjoy them and get a good scare.

it could be worse, rob zombie could be directing...

hagiblog said...

Ouch, poor Rob Zombie! HAHA! I didn't mind his Halloween but I've only seen the workprint version which is drastically different from the theatrical.

I think many remakes just end up being mediocre and when I go back to see the originals I'm always much more impressed. I guess it's hard to improve on something that you've grown to love.

It's a great idea to reinvigorate these franchises because it's obvious some of the later sequels start to stink. Plus anything that keeps my favorite horror icons in the theatre is alright with me.

BJ-C said...

I didn't mind Halloween, but I was also very bitter. I wish he would have just made the prequel and left it at that.

I do agree though, bringing new life to horror icons is great!

Except when MTV plans to re-make The Rocky Horror Picture Show...but that's a whole new post :)

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