Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Welcome back all you pals and gals for another exciting issue of TERRIBLE POSTER TUESDAY! Today we will be featuring an ad that was been getting headlines all across the inter-web when it first came out; the absolutely rediculous torture/porn (with more-torture than-porn) film Captivity. Whether you like the ad or not, it was pulled off of billboards and taxi cabs everywhere. Apparently Los Angelos was in a close to outrage especially seeing Elisha Cuthbert depicted as being tortured with the gauze covered face and the pipes up the nostrils. I was personally a little more frightened by the scar on her left breast which seems to either be from her tormentor, or a botched implant job. Not to mention, this film blows harder than Lindsay Lohan after dinner...

I also must comment the fact that her eye makeup has IMPROVED in the confinement state. Her eyelashes are larger, than the abduction...where is she getting mascara?! Maybe Buffalo Bill is keeping her hostage and wants to make baby look pretty now mommy...So I also dislike this poster because there are too many words over it. Not to mention, not the right words either. Why isn't Elisha Cuthbert's name on it? I'm pretty sure teenage boys all across America would give their left you know what to see Elisha Cuthbert naked and vulnerable.

Having to pull the ads off and replace it with just an enlarged version of the "confinement" poster, was thought to be smart, but you can get a ton of publicity, but it won't save a genuinely horrible movie. Bloody-Disgusting.com named Captivity the worst horror film of 2007, and I can't say I blame them. The film is almost a direct copycat of films like Hostel and the Saw series. Just feeding to the generations new love of torture porn apparently. This film isn't one of the worst horror films, it's one of the worst films to ever have the displeasure to be put upon the silver screen. I weep for whatever movie had to share that screen, hopefully Captivity didn't contaminate it too much. Sorry Elisha, you were better as as the girl next door.

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Unknown said...

Argh, I disagree. I really liked this poster, it was interesting. Although I think I'm drawn by its 'banned' allure, it's still a good poster. (But the date is too large).

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