Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Terrible Poster Tuesday!

Hello Woman Readers!! I have been inspired to do a new weekly thing for Tuesdays; TERRIBLE POSTER TUESDAY! Each week I'm going to post a movie poster and tell you why I think it's terrible. Easy enough? Let us begin!

The first on our weekly terrible poster bashing is going to be the horror/thriller flick The Unborn. Now, if it wasn't already horrible that this film is nothing more than a bunch of cliche horror scenarios thrown into one giant cluster-fuck of disappointment...this poster does its job. 

Granted, the chick from Cloverfield, Odette Yustman is a fox, but this is not a movie about running around in your underwear, this also isn't a film about evil reflections killing off people. [Mirrors already did that]. She sees the little demon in places other than the bathroom, and no MAJOR, ICONIC scenes take place in the bathroom of this film. 

Honestly, the creators of this film gave us a film that had so much potential, and failed miserably.  So the only way to draw in viewers as well as ticket sales is to plaster Odette Yustman's ass on the poster.  Granted, I'm a fan of the female booty being the center of attention [a la my headline....] but in no way does this film have any sort of female empowerment.  There are so many great horror films that were successful without having to show the leading lady in her underwear. If this film was a gore/porn, maybe I would have felt otherwise.  This however, is not the case.  Not to mention THE FILM WAS PG-13. The tagline should NOT have been "evil will do anything to live", no, it should be more like "we're trying to draw in stupid high school children who have nothing to do with their allowance and McDonald's paychecks..." 

The other thing I enjoy, is how easily you can tell it has been re-touched.  It looks less like a photograph and more like a painting, leading me to wonder how much of that ass is actually Odette, and how much of it is some paint color... The kid in the mirror looks generally like the demon nazi child, but at the same time, vastly different.

Regardless if you like it or not, I will give them credit for its attention grabbing nature. Hell, I wouldn't have been writing about this in the first place if it didn't grab my attention.  Saying "there's no such thing as bad publicity" completely runs true.  The people who made this knew exactly what was going to happen.  Some people were going to hate it, some were going to consider it controversial, and some were going to post it on their ceilings. A pretty intelligent move to promote a less than stellar movie. Whether you love it or hate it, you still notice it.

2 comment(s):

Anonymous said...

Completely unnecessary ass shot and I bet it totally worked at getting all the 14 year olds out to the theater. Does that have anything to do with that movie at all????

Sadly I will admit it's nice to look at though. HAHA!

BJ Colangelo said...

my point exactly :D

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