Saturday, March 21, 2009

More of a Rant

So, for my faithful following...I've posted before on how I dislike the actress Shawnee Smith. Well, I've officially been set off. Bloody-Disgusting recently posted a blurb of news talking about how Shawnee Smith will be returning for Saw VI this of course implying flashbacks and what have you. Now, I go to BD for all of my horror needs, and I normally love hearing what fellow horror addicts have to say. Today, I was less than impressed. While I was filled with joy as I saw others sharing their dislike for the "turn for the worse" the Saw series has taken, let alone the character of Amanda, there always has to be the idiot who ruins it for everyone. A few posters [who will remain nameless] had to say "THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!" & another said "GREAT! SHE IS ONE OF HORROR'S GREATEST!"

Pardon my french, but are you fucking kidding me? What the hell do you have to be smoking to think that Shawnee Smith is one of horror's greatest? She cannot act well, her voice is incredibly monotone at times, and I have never once seen her as a developed character to help me "fear for her life". Blame the script, blame the acting, regardless...she's not impressive. People who make these comments tend to be little junior high kids who snuck into Zombieween or Prom Night, and then consider themselves into "horror" flicks. Im sorry, but the horror that is out there nowadays for these little kids to get themselves into makes me disgusted. This generation that I disgustingly am apart of, has completely lost their spine for horror. These commenters are the same people who don't know Last House on the Left is a remake or that House of Wax isn't originally starring Paris Hilton. Plus, they're the same people who think the new Amityville Horror is SOOOO SCARY.

"But BJ-C, they're just children!" BUT NOTHING. My parents raised me wonderfully and Linnea Quigley was one of my favorites before I even knew who Angelina Jolie was. P.J. Soles, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Malia Nurmi were my idols while the rest of the girls wanted to be Britney Spears. My mom sparked my horror, but I took the initiative to discover what I love.

I guess I just really dislike when people make public opinions without reasoning to back it up. Maybe it makes me cruel. and maybe it makes me hypocritical to judge, and maybe, just maybe it makes me a judgemental prick...I'm okay with all of those things.

I just find it incredibly difficult to respect someone who doesn't have a clue of what they're talking about. It's midnight, I'm crabby, and twelve year olds should not be allowed on forums, that is all. Thankyou :)

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Unknown said...

Too right! Not that I'm a hater in general, but it would be nice if people knew something about what their commenting on. I have no real opinion on Ms. Smith. She's just kind of there as far as I'm concerned. Give me Barbara Steele or Adrienne Barbeau anyday!

B-Sol said...

That's it, let it all out! I suggest if B-D is frustrating you, you should try out a much more satisfying message board for more sophisticated lovers of horror. It's the Classic Horror Film Board, look it up, it's my favorite.
Oh yeah, and stop being a judgmental prick...:-)

BJ Colangelo said...

B, I'mma come at you like a spider monkey for that!

I Like Horror Movies said...

I cant stand Shawnee, shes a fucking space cadet and treats her fans like shit. She is easily omitable and isnt going to be the saving grace of the series.

CSY said...

I CAN NOT believe some people actully think she's a good acctress?!?!?! You're kidding me, right? The SAW series is NOT going to be the same with her...I may not even watch it. Oh who am I kidding? My 12 yr old daughter said the BEST thing about House of Wax was when Paris got killed, I have to agree with her. Judgemental prick? On your OWN blog? Why I never heard of such a thing!

CRwM said...

I don't have any particularly strong feelings about Ms. Smith one way or the other, though I feel like her character in "Saw" - the student gone rogue - was a nice touch that they never developed. Her presence revealed revealed the pseudo-mystic mumbo-jumbo of Jigsaw for what it was and the almost father/daughter conflict it set up was, I think, somewhat wasted. Especially since they added a whole "lost baby" element to the Jigsaw backstory, there was some untapped dramatic potential there. Oh well.

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