Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mommy, she scares me.

Okay, I'll be the first to admit that this post has little to nothing to do with actual "horror" films and more of a girl who scares the living ba-jesus out of me. I am an AVID watcher of America's Next Top Model. I'm a beauty queen and damn it, I'm allowed to be a girl once in a blue moon.

So here we are at Cycle 12. There's always that one girl who you can't look away from. Last season there was a transgendered contestant, and this season we have a girl who completely embodies horror chick. Allison Harvard is a former 4chan cam-girl[or creepy-chan. it] girls. That's meaning, she's a web-goth.

Now when I first saw this girl, I was instantly terrified by her huge eyes. I have this insane fascination and fear with eyes. Village of the Damned, Child's Play, The Eye, Carrie etc. etc. All have very prominent eyes, and all give me the creeps. So this girl has eyes that literally take up her entire face. They don't appear as big as in some of the pictures she takes, but in videos...Good god. So first, she has these huge eyes on her, then, she has this absolutely teeny-tiny figure. Thus making her appear more "doll-like". Someone even noted online that she almost "looks like a living corpse". She reminds me so much of one of the ghostly figures that poor little Haley Joel Osmond was being stalked by in The Sixth Sense. Now, I'm not saying she's all creep and no cute. She has this buxom lips that even out her eyes. While her eyes are enourmous, they are quite stunning and really draw you in.

After doing a bit of web-stalking, I discovered that she's actually an extremely talented artist. Although her work, like her very haunting. A lot of her work contained images of people having nosebleeds. Which brings me to my next point. She has this morbid fascination with nosebleeds and the beauty of bleeding in general. Most of her creations are either adaptations of other women with large eyes, or ones that are bleeding. There are plenty of people out there who are fascinated by blood, but she even spoke about it on her audition of ANTM.

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Anonymous said...

Oh man, she's wacky! I just watched ANTM last night and couldn't stand to look at her but at the same time I felt like I had seen her before. I wonder if it was on 4chan???

She is pretty scary looking though and she seems kinda creepy.

Phantom of Pulp said...

She is fantastic!

Don't worry about "giving off a strange vibe", darling, it is Tyra who gives off the strange vibe, and her vibe is not fantastic.

Thanks for posting this clip of this wonderful woman.

Becky said...

Dear god I couldn't agree more. She scares the the life out of me. My friends and I have a weekly ANTM party and when she came on we all just lost it.

Christiana said...

I love Allison! She's freakin' adorable.

Fly Girl said...

I love her, and I also find her really really weird. It's like, a love hate relationship. In some ways, i think she's a total weirdo, and I would never in a million years talk to her twice, but in others, I think she's amazing.

Britches said...

I think she's SUPER weird and that's what makes me love her! She's not afraid to be her weird, quirky, unique self... finally not another cookie cutter model. :) And even though her eyes creeped me out in the beginning, now it kind of sucks me in. Maybe she's stealing my soul....... :D

Britt.sweets said...

i think shes crazy beautiful..
especially after her make over and when she actually has her make up done.
shes stunning!
i love allison!

BJ-C said...

so close and then so far. damn!

Claudia Cabrera said...

Allison is so beautiful!

ratty93 said...

i think she is hot!
i would.

elle said...

awe. i loved alison.
i really thought she should have won.
she is soooo adorable.

SheWritesMorbidWords17 said...

Im a young author and this girl fits the description of Hysteria, a main character in one of my stories currently being written. Iy'd be excellent to have her consent and use one of her pictures as a cover page of my story. Of course she would get paid once it is published. Plsease if you will, email me. and I will further explain the story.

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