Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hot Girls In Scary Places!

Well, E! is about to bring us another new show that does nothing more than exploit our nations love for watching hot girls with their mouths open. I was referring to screaming of course...E! will be presenting us next month with Hot Girls in Scary Places. They're combining two of our favorite things, being terrified, and being mind-blowingly hot. The show is supposed to drop three cheerleading best friends from USC, into a "haunted hospital" for one night. Each girl is competing against the other for a cash prize of $10,000. Now that may sound easy enough, but the girls will have to do some paranormal investigation. One of the girls is a proud Song Girl Lindsey Grubbs by the way...The show is supposed to be a prototype for a series where the three girls would be put in a different "scary" location each week.

I can honestly say that the only thing that would make me watch this show is because my blog is talking about it. This show is going to be nothing more than a bunch of "like, um, omg, and oooooh mmmyyyyy gaaaawd!"'s being blurted out every so often. Of course what also makes me skeptical is the fact that these girls are not trained in paranormal research, so how do we know if the "haunted hospital" is actually haunted. I can only picture this being nothing but a set of loud noises, traps, and projected images just to scare these girls. People will be wasting their time watching this show merely to watch cheerleaders run, jump, and scream from "haunted" activity.


I am in no way a feminist, but this makes me absolutely disgusted. At least in the horror genre women are represented as empowered figures sometimes. This just...ugh. The only reason these girls even got a role on this show is because they're atatomically idolized, and they all go to the same college. The title itself just makes me irritated. I love watching the Halloween specials on TLC, or even ABCfamily when they put average people in haunted places to do paranormal investigation; but this has gotten out of control. Maybe it's because the Girls Next Door is slowly coming to a close, but seriously?! Who was the marketing genius that came up with that freaking title?! Has our nation become so simple that we have to spell out what the show is about in the title alone. A 15 year old could have came up with that.

The show is being produced by Go Go Luckey which has given us A & E's Paranormal State. What is it with their obsession with the paranormal and college students?! What bothers me more about Paranormal State is that they are attempting to give us "real" accounts of paranormal activity, but the screams they record resemble the screams you would hear on Rollercoaster Tycoon.
Then again, this same company is planning to give us shows like Rich Girl, Poor Girl, and Nightclub Confessions. So I don't know why this idea of a "hot girl in scary situation" reality show, is surprising me. They're also the same people that gave us Laguna Beach.


If you must watch, it'll air on E! on Friday the 13th...spooky...NOT

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that's actually the title of the show! HAHAHA! Lame! The only redeeming factor of this show is the possibilty to watch one of the 'hot girls' break down in tears from fright. That would at least be entertaining.

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