Friday, February 27, 2009

Ode To The Shower Scenes [part 2]

As promised, I have the continuation of wonderful horror scenes that take place in the most private of personal quarters....THE BATHROOM! After talking with my mentor B-Sol, [yes, the same guy who makes lists for bloody-disgusting, and the writer of The Vault Of Horror] the only horror scenes in the bathroom we could think of.... were with women. So kudos to women for making the shower scene your very own!

First up today is the lovely tub scene from the film that inspired this blog; Day of the Woman [I Spit On Your Grave].  Now, most people would assume that I would be focusing on the wonderful revenge move of castrating Johnny in the tub, however that isn't why the scene is included on this list.  I'm concentrating on the aftermath of the castration.  After Johnny has managed to go down stairs [without his manhood and covered in blood] you see Jennifer in the bathroom.  Johnny sure did make a bloody mess and she begins to clean. It's very frightening to see how little remorse she has for his death. The only sounds in the scene are that of moving towels, and that squeaky clean sound of the bathtub. Her face remains normal as if she was doing an ad for Scrubbing Bubbles.  Sometimes, nonchalant is the scariest emotion at all.  Even though the prick deserved it.

Undoubtably, one of the most controversial horror films to ever hit a mass audience is Dressed To Kill. The shower scene alone had to be edited to avoid an X rating.  [thanks to Ann Margaret's crotch shot]. No one actually dies in this horror scene, but what is scary is that it's the beginning to an extremely crazy film.  I could have brought up this film during the "rape" talk, but because it was a dream, I didn't want to associate it with intentional rape scenes.  Nonetheless, watching someone get raped in the privacy of their own home, dream or not-is pretty terrifying. Not to mention, this film portrayal of it, is extremely graphic.  

One of my favorite horror movies with a woman killer, and one of my favorite horror movies of all-time is none other than Sleepaway Camp. Now, I could talk for days on why this movie is important to women, but we're focusing on shower scenes. I live on a college campus and we have public bathrooms, and public showers.  Anyone who has gone to a camp or gone to college understands that sometimes, taking a shower knowing that there could be endless amounts of people outside the stall, is scary enough on its own.  Yet for bitch camp counselor Meg to take a shower, alone, in a public bathroom, with a killer on the loose....was just dumb on her part. Showers put us in an extremely vulnerable position, and dying naked isn't exactly how I pictured I'd go. Good ups to Angela Baker though, for finding a knife that cut cut through not only a metal shower stall, but also a human back.

Thank heavens I never had to shower in high school. This is another one of those bathroom scenes where no one dies. In the famous adaptation of Stephen King's Carrie. We see a poor troubled teenager receiving her first menstrual period. Now, as a woman, getting your period for the first time is pretty life-altering. Yet, we normally know what to expect, and what it is. Poor Carrie has no idea what is going on and assumes she's dying.  If I wasn't on my period and suddenly started bleeding from my lower region, I'd freak out too. Rather than try to help her however, those bitches threw tampons at her while she sat naked, mortified, and in the shower. Little did they know that Carrie was telekinetic and was eventually going to kill them all.  Hm, sucks for them. Maybe they were the ones that should have plugged it up. 
The shadowy figure in the curtain, the sound of beating water, that infamous scream, the bright knife, the wailing of violins, the sounds of knives puncturing fruit, and of course the chocolate syrup down the drain; yes ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about the one, the only...... PSYCHO. There is no movie, no scene, no sound that will ever stand up to the iconic shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock's classic. You never even the knife enter Janet Leigh either! There are three frames [or an eighth of a second] of the entire scene where you see the knife barely enter two layers of skin on her abdomen.  Yet, this scene is what started it all. It's what makes us nervous in the shower, and makes shadowy figures in the bathroom more terrifying than anything. This scene is by far the greatest shot of horror caught on film.  Despite the rumors of how it was made, or why people revolted at the decision to kill off their headliner so soon; Psycho is the epitome of horror.  I in no way could ever give a justifying tribute to this shower scene.  This scene is probably the most memorable scene in horror history, and probably in the history of cinema itself. This is a classic film that no one can ever touch, or even attempt to top. Sorry Vince Vaughn.  

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B-Sol said...

For me, it was always the sickening sound that made this scene so tough to get through. And it really was a stroke of narrative genius for the supposed heroine to be killed off so early on. It really throws you for a loop, wondering where the hell the story is going next.

BJ Colangelo said...

which is why i love it!

Anonymous said...

I didn't actually realize that so many of my favorite movies had shower scenes in them until right now! HAHA! Not to mention how amazing all these films truly are. Maybe every great movie needs a shower scene!

Great blog you've got going here and I can't wait to keep reading more.

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