Thursday, February 26, 2009


There's something iconic about being hot, wet, steamy, and naked. Of course, that is if you're in a horror film. Some of the most memorable death scenes from films take place in our most private quarters. People use the bathroom to partake in some of our most "personal" activities. This is going to be a two-day special so stay tuned tomorrow for the rest of the scenes! So before you start asking "where this scene is" remember that tomorrow will have more!!!

Ladies, there is a reason Edward Scissorhands didn't get the girl at the end of the film, it's because he has frickin' razor's for hands! I've heard of romantic touching while in the bathtub with a loved one, but razor blade hands?! COME ON NOW!  What makes this scene from A Nightmare on Elm Street so scary, is because his hand is going right in between her legs. This scene gives the same scare for women that I Spit On Your Grave does for men. Except Nancy Thompson gets that lovely "final girl" rule, and she doesn't lose any of her goodies :) 

Following up we have the bathtub scene from Slither.  I was extremely skeptical about the film, because it was mocking a genre i held so dear to my 
heart, but I was surprisingly pleased with it. In this scene we see Connie taking a bath, when suddenly a slug squirms its way into the bathroom.  She is "asleep" while in the bath [because sleeping while in water is incredibly smart] when the slug starts swimming its way towards her mouth.  She wakes up and screams and the slug darts right into her mouth. She grabs the sucker and throws it across the room. Then she cuts the bugger in half Angela Baker style with a curling iron.  I don't know about you, but when I'm nude, an alien slug is the LAST thing I want slithering at me. The same reason the razor hands freak us out from NOES, the slug is going straight in between her legs. You get that pit in your stomach the second you see it, and a sigh of relief when you realize it's heading for the mouth.  Scary either way to have some foreign slug trying to get in you, but I think I'd rather have it in my mouth...and yes; that is what she said.
I will be the first to admit that I'm not a huge fan of American re-makes of foreign horror films, but watching Amy Smart have her jaw ripped off of her face in Mirrors is one of the most gruesome things I've ever witnessed. To think that I could strip naked, get ready for a nice, warm bath; to only be rewarded with my own demise by having my lower jaw completely ripped off my face isn't exactly ideal to me. What's worse, is that there isn't a creepy ghoul to fight off! Her jaw is literally ripping itself off of her face. Damn you reflections, damn you!
Finally, we see a woman who is the scary one in this film, rather than the one being terrified.  Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of Stephen King's The Shining is one of "the great ones".  While I've touched on some of the creepiness of The Shining before, one of the more strange scenes is when Jack becomes entranced by the Naked girl in the bath, who later turns into a naked, dead, elderly woman. I've heard of people waking up with ugly people next to them after a night they don't remember, but that's just ridiculous.

I'm including this not because it has anything to do with women, but because I find this film extremely underrated and extremely hilarious. Reading me ramble, and looking at images you've already seen aren't the always the most interesting things, so I've included a clip from the film Ghoulies II. Plus, with all of the threatening of women parts in horror, it's nice to watch a man scream for protection of his parts... :) enjoy.

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