Saturday, February 21, 2009

Emma Stone to become a screaming siren?

We loved her as "the hot girl who befriends the lovable loser" in Superbad, and as the "desperate sorority girl" in The House Bunny. It seems our endearing red-head Emma Stone is going to jump her way from teen comedy into Horror Comedy. She has signed up for a film called Zombieland. If the title alone doesn't make your pants fit a little tighter, maybe throw in that Woody Harrelson will be staring alongside her.  The director of this lovely film is Ruben Fleischer. Rumor has it that Abigail Breslin will join the cast to play Stone's younger sister. 

With the movie buzz out of the way, I am absolutely thrilled to see her in a horror/comedy movie.  The last time a big named red-head was in a horror film, we ended up with Lindsay Lohan in I Know Who Killed Me. Needless to say, this will be an upgrade in itself.  Now, my baby sister is a red-head, so I've always been partial to great red-headed actresses. Possibly because considering red-heads genetically, they're mutants.  Which in itself is incredibly cool in my opinion. So here we have this mutant bombshell who has done pretty decent performances in teen comedy movies. I've said before that horror film acting is completely different from any other form of acting, but I think she may be able to handle it.  One of the things I loved most about her in Superbad was that she was convincing as a high school student.  I don't know what high school you readers went to, but we never had anyone who looked like Sarah Michelle Gellar or Jennifer Love-Hewitt in my school.  Not to say Stone isn't gorgeous, but she looked like a REAL student in Superbad.  Looks aside, her mannerisms as well as reactions to funny actors like Jonah Hill were very realistic and made her such an endearing character. She was very believable as the girl next door. So, back to horror.  I think that the two most difficult roles to portray are teenage girls, and screaming sirens.  She has the teenage-girl thing nailed down, so now all she has to do is make a convincing role of terror. After seeing her in The House Bunny which starred mock Scream Queen Anna Farris, I kept seeing horror babe in Stone. Her acting has intelligence behind it which makes her ideal for a genuine horror star.  It's stereotypical that women in horror films are either bait for slashing, or psychotic women.  Stone has piercing features that would do her well with either part. 

The film has just started production and is due sometime out in 2010. 

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